Objectives And Obstacles Online Marketing

“Do not make the​ mistake of​ treating the​ Internet as​ if​ it​ is​ simply an​ advertising medium. the​ Web has more in​ common with the​ telephone than print.” – Peter DeLegge

The Internet is​ a​ means that many use to​ communicate everyday. Unlike the​ phone,​ the​ Internet ads a​ visual sense of​ communication and allows for the​ spread of​ consumer-based information. Because the​ premise of​ the​ Internet is​ communication website owners need to​ ensure a​ level of​ interactivity with visitors.

“Your Internet business strategy should be an​ extension of​ your company's existing business strategy and well-integrated with everything your company does off-line.” – Peter DeLegge

Websites do not need to​ be somehow set apart from the​ functions of​ brick and mortar stores. the​ very things you​ do in-store should also be reflected online. Some netrepreneurs believe that an​ online store needs to​ be different from their storefront. you​ will be better served if​ you​ make the​ web an​ extension of​ your show room with the​ added bonus of​ client connectivity on​ both fronts.

“Most corporate Web sites are horrible about responding to​ email inquiries,​ don't let yours be one.” – Peter DeLegge

If a​ client leaves a​ voice mail you​ will likely find it​ important to​ return the​ phone call. in​ the​ same way emails should elicit a​ committed response. We may find it​ easier to​ simply ignore the​ large volume of​ email we have in​ our accounts,​ but the​ truth is​ emails represent either existing or​ potential customers. We do ourselves a​ disservice if​ we refuse to​ respond.

“The Internet provides a​ great opportunity to​ provide your target markets with high quality intellectual capital that can help position your company as​ a​ thought leader in​ the​ minds of​ your target markets.” – Peter DeLegge

You know a​ significant amount about your business and the​ products and services you​ provide. a​ series of​ ‘intellectual capital’ articles cab be an​ important contribution to​ your visitors.

When you​ place educational articles optimized with keywords or​ phrases you​ contribute to​ the​ understanding of​ your business while improving your ranking on​ search engines.

“Keeping up with the​ rapid changes of​ Internet marketing is​ a​ full time job. Find an​ expert and use him or​ her.” – Peter DeLegge

If you​ find it​ difficult to​ manage online marketing on​ your own you​ can always seek out a​ professional to​ assist you​ in​ reaching your online marketing objectives in​ a​ way that provides adequate return on​ your investment (ROI).

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