Non Aggressive Marketing Techniques

Non Aggressive Marketing Techniques

Non Aggressive Marketing Techniques
Do you​ cringe at​ the​ thought of​ trying to​ promote your business ? Does it​ feel like selling yourself or​ egotism? Many individuals are not comfortable with marketing dimension of​ running a​ business.
This leads to​ an inner frustation for many and inner conflicts. Whether this is​ due to​ one’s passion for one’s true interests,​ a​ dislike of​ networking or​ another root,​ there may be a​ way around blatant selfpromotion.
When someone receives something of​ value for free,​ trust and good feeling naturally arise. Giving away a​ free item or​ service are very effective marketing strategies. This will acquaint a​ new person with your product and company plus can be a​ nonagressive means to​ recontact former customers or​ clients. Has anyone came to​ your office or​ company for a​ few months but hasn’t returned for a​ year. Mailing a​ coupon or​ a​ booklet to​ that person could be a​ way to​ reestablish contact. People get very busy and may have been thinking of​ contacting you​ but it​ became something on​ the​ back burner that was buried.
Here are some concrete examples and strategies that have proven to​ be effective
1 Many local newspapers will run without cost a​ free service listing in​ the​ announcements section. if​ you​ would like to​ get the​ word out about your business or​ company,​ set aside a​ 2 hour block on​ a​ Friday and send out a​ press release such as,​ Janet Jinet will be available for free 15 minute phone consults Friday,​ March 13 from 35 at​ xxxyyyy. you​ can give advice or​ ideas to​ people during that 2 hour block of​ time. Don’t label yourself by saying,​ I’m not a​ consultant. Think about what you​ know and what information you​ can give someone who calls you.
2 Send to​ a​ former client or​ customer a​ two for one offer,​ 20 percent off coupon or​ some type of​ special.
3 as​ a​ social worker and yoga teacher,​ I ​ was looking to​ expand her practice and classes. I ​ wrote a​ 24 page booklet on​ Stress Reduction in​ Daily Life,​ incorporating tips from yoga,​ psychology and meditation. at​ a​ local health food store I ​ found a​ place at​ the​ counter under the​ bulletin board where people were allowed to​ leave brochures and materials. as​ a​ result of​ leaving a​ stack of​ 50 booklets,​ that week 2 new people attended my yoga class and she received a​ new psychotherapy client. as​ an added plus,​ the​ therapy client gave the​ booklet to​ her best friend who began sessions. a​ month later a​ financial planner in​ my yoga class bought 500 booklets to​ give as​ a​ free Christmas gift to​ her clients with her sticker on​ the​ cover which she used to​ promote her own business.
4 Network with others and do an exchange of​ flyers with someone in​ a​ noncompeting field. For instance,​ a​ chiropractor could call a​ mattress store and each could have the​ other’s flyers in​ their place of​ business.
5 Local libraries are open to​ free classes and reach a​ large population through their regular press releases.
Use your giving energy to​ build your practice rather than try to​ change and become a​ marketer . We work best in​ using our natural energies rather than fighting with ourselves to​ become someone else.

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