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Offshore Software Development
Offshore software Development-SMALL BEGINNINGS HAPPY ENDINGS
Take advantage of​ our experience in​ offshore development .​
Our hardworking team can offer you​ excellent services at​ very competitive rates .​
We set up and manage dedicated offshore entities utilizing a​ tactical outsourcing model .​
We offer all required infrastructure,​ domain expertise,​ technology for effective offshore development .Processes can be adopted as​ per client specifications .​
Project management can be conducted by the​ client himself or​ the​ software development team.
Build,​ Operate and Transfer (BOT) - the​ experts you​ need to​ start,​ market,​ and grow your business- BOT conjoins People,​ Process and Technology to​ help you​ in​ achieving your long-term and short-term outsourcing objectives .​
Shifting your outsourcing currency into an​ investment and asset building strategy allows you​ to​ have the​ option to​ own your dedicated offshore operations over time .​
Just like a​ packaged product,​ all components of​ our Development Center are easily understandable and ready to​ go .​
You can literally be operating your own Offshore Development Center in​ a​ matter of​ few weeks.
Product Development - We will develop and maintain the​ software as​ per your specifications while you​ keep hold of​ the​ ownership of​ the​ product .​
You can focus on​ marketing and selling,​ while we silently develop the​ product for you​ .​
We can sign a​ non disclosure agreement so that your project stays secure and under wraps.
Outsource your projects - Outsource your work to​ us and we will customize our services to​ address your specific needs not forcing you​ into a​ standardized framework .​
Our comprehensive solutions make hundreds of​ clients exclusively rely on​ us .​
You can sub-contract your project development to​ us .​
You only need to​ pay a​ small commission if​ your project is​ successful .​
Please make sure you​ only post projects that are possible to​ bid on​ .​
You have to​ make sure your description is​ clear enough.
offshore development
Hire Developers - you​ get exactly the​ right person to​ do your project!!!-We can offer developers based in​ our development center in​ India to​ work exclusively on​ your project .​
We have a​ wide-ranging database of​ proficient candidates which we query when we get an​ inquiry from you​ .​
We can employ a​ person in​ accordance to​ your requirements within days .​
The developers can sit in​ your office and develop software for you​ under your team management .​
You just need to​ let us know how many developers you​ need and for how long .​
Incase of​ any circumstances you​ may add or​ reduce team size prior to​ 2 days notice.
Support & Maintenance - Always open for business 24 hours a​ day,​ 7 days a​ week
We provide seamless collaboration between offshore office and client project staffs through dedicated high-speed communications and live chat/audio/video conferencing capabilities .We have significant experience in​ providing application maintenance and support services,​ including request based software services,​ enhancement services for third party products,​ and post release support .​
We ensure effective emergency response and disaster management.
offshore development

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