No Wonder Its So Hard To Make Money Online

No Wonder Its So Hard To Make Money Online

At a​ recent Internet Conference that my sons and I were teaching,​ I was reminded about one of​ the​ most serious problems that we all face in​ Internet Marketing,​ and that is​ information overload

What do I mean? Let's look at​ a​ typical day in​ the​ life of​ an​ Internet Marketer.

9am... you​ sit down to​ your computer,​ with the​ intent of​ writing a​ new website,​ because you​ just KNOW that this will be the​ most profitable project you​ ever built. But before you​ get into that,​ you'd better check your emails

You go through about fifty junk letters.... but look! Here's a​ message from some well known Internet Marketing Guru. I know he makes GOBS of​ money on​ the​ Internet every day,​ and he can teach me the​ SECRET of​ marketing on​ the​ Internet.... and my gosh he's only going to​ charge me $49 for the​ privilege of​ knowing that secret. I can't pass that up,​ so I better order it​ right now. After all the​ price is​ going up tomorrow you​ know!

So I order that ebook,​ and start to​ read it,​ but then the​ phone rings. it​ is​ just a​ telephone solicitor,​ but after I get her off the​ call,​ I sit down to​ my computer again. Let's see,​ what was I going to​ do? Umm.... not sure but I need to​ run a​ virus scan to​ make sure my computer is​ clean... and while it's doing that I'm going to​ get another cup of​ coffee.

10am... OK no viruses on​ my computer. That's great to​ know... now I can sit down and get started on​ that website right.... but I better check my emails first....

Oh look... here's a​ system that Mr. X used to​ rake in​ $40,​000 last night while he was sleeping. Boy wouldn't I like to​ have that... let's go to​ his website..

Hmm.... seems like it's another program that says write an​ ebook on​ Internet Marketing and sell it​ to​ people who would like to​ learn about Internet Marketing..... no.. I don't want to​ do that.

Back to​ work... But you​ know I DID see something Frank said once about using public domain reports. I wonder if​ I could use that. So off I go to​ see if​ I can find that report. OK,​ now I have that,​ and I think I'll pass for now.

11am... I better get back to​ work here. Oops,​ here comes another e-mail. What? This one says the​ system I'm trying to​ use to​ build my business is​ dead,​ and now I need to​ buy their software or​ I'll go broke on​ the​ net?

OK,​ I can't live without that software,​ I better get it​ right now.

12pm.... Lunch time,​ I'll get back to​ that website after lunch

Sound familiar? Unfortunately it's all too familiar for ALL of​ us. There are so many different ways to​ generate income,​ traffic or​ whatever we want to​ do on​ the​ Internet,​ that we're constantly bombarded by offers.

Many of​ them are good,​ and many of​ them could make money for you​ if​ you​ sat down and really applied worked on​ THAT program and ONLY that program for a​ few months. But the​ problem is​ that we get sidetracked so easily. Most of​ us never really take the​ time to​ focus on​ the​ ONE project that we need to​ get working BEFORE we start on​ the​ next

It takes a​ real discipline sometimes to​ say no to​ these tempting offers.... and yes... some of​ them come from me too. Here's five simple steps to​ help you​ FIX this problem with overload........

1. Set aside certain periods of​ the​ day that you​ check your emails and ONLY check your emails at​ those times.

2. Sit down and decide once and for all that you're going to​ build a​ SOLID website,​ ebook,​ program,​ or​ whatever it​ is​ that you​ want to​ do. You're not going to​ deviate from that plan until you've accomplished that goal. Along the​ way you​ MIGHT be presented with some software or​ peripheral program that would work well with what you're trying to​ accomplish.

If that's the​ case then GREAT... get it​ and integrate it​ into your online model,​ but if​ it​ doesn't mesh with your PRESENT project,​ then either don't buy it​ at​ all,​ or​ if​ you​ MUST,​ then put it​ into a​ separate folder on​ your computer called "Future Projects" and don't mess with it​ until you're on​ track with your present one

3. Make a​ to​ do list. This letter is​ an​ example. it​ was the​ number one item on​ my to​ do list for today,​ I wanted to​ contact you​ and write about this while it​ was still fresh in​ my mind

4. Find out what time of​ the​ day is​ the​ most productive for you​ and set that time aside for your most important tasks. Mine is​ usually 10pm to​ midnight

I realize that many readers must juggle their web site efforts with a​ full time job... but the​ real key is​ consistency. Set aside SOME regular time each week to​ work on​ your online presence

5. Resolve here and now that there are many ways that you​ would be able to​ make money on​ the​ Internet,​ but you​ can only do ONE at​ a​ TIME... so you're going to​ work at​ ONE until you've either made a​ success of​ it​ or​ it​ truly has proven not to​ be what you'd hoped for. if​ it's the​ latter,​ try to​ find out why. Was it​ a​ problem in​ promotion? Was it​ the​ layout,​ the​ text,​ the​ headline?

You don't want to​ repeat the​ same mistakes again

My sons and I make money in​ many different ways on​ the​ net,​ but everything we do that is​ successful for us always boils down to​ this simple formula.

I could ramble on​ for a​ long time about this,​ but I think you​ get the​ idea. This entire article can be summed up in​ to​ one word

............ FOCUS

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