New Years Marketing Resolutions

New Years Marketing Resolutions

I hope you're as​ excited for the​ upcoming year as​ I am. Time again for those New Year's Resolutions.

Are you​ making them again this year? Or,​ are you​ like some I've talked to​ who say you're going to​ skip making them so you​ don't have to​ break them again.

So what's it​ going to​ be this year - loose weight,​ get in​ shape,​ improve some of​ your relationships,​ take some more time off and actually take a​ vacation this year?

Don't worry,​ I'm not going to​ lecture you​ about making your resolutions more realistic this year so you​ can actually stick to​ them. you​ already know that you​ need to​ create a​ plan to​ achieve them and then put it​ into action.

How about a​ Marketing Resolution?

I simply invite you​ to​ resolve to​ get into marketing shape this year. Become a​ stronger marketer for the​ sake of​ your business. And,​ you​ don't have to​ count "carbs" or​ "grams of​ fat" to​ stick to​ this resolution. However,​ you​ will need a​ plan and commitment to​ put it​ into action.

"You don't have to​ be some kind of​ marketing wizard or​ guru to​ get great marketing results. you​ do,​ however,​ need to​ be willing to​ put in​ regular and consistent effort."

I say this to​ people all of​ the​ time because it's true. you​ could even say that I'm living proof of​ this statement. I don't have a​ degree in​ Marketing. But,​ I do have a​ system that I put regular and consistent time and effort in​ to​ maintaining and improving.

Caution: a​ Marketing Resolution Will Require Work

My family and I were watching television the​ other night when one of​ those commercials came on. you​ know what I'm talking about? it​ was one where a​ couple claims that each lost 30 to​ 40 pounds by taking this "magic" pill. They showed the​ before and after pictures where the​ couple was obviously flabby and out of​ shape in​ the​ before pictures. in​ the​ after pictures,​ the​ couple was not only much slimmer; they looked like they had been carved out of​ marble.

In a​ question of​ obvious surprise and disbelief,​ my son asked,​ "How did they get so 'buff and cut' just from taking a​ pill?" I told him to​ look for the​ fine print and sure enough the​ commercial proceeded to​ tell him that results were achieved through a​ combination of​ regular diet,​ exercise and taking the​ "magic pill" product. to​ which my son replied,​ "Couldn't they have gotten those results just from the​ diet and exercise?"

But this article isn't about the​ ridiculousness of​ the​ "magic pill" commercial. No,​ this article is​ for those of​ us who want to​ make some positive changes in​ our business. We're doing some planning for how to​ make our next year our best year yet. We're waiting for that gentle nudge to​ start getting into marketing shape. Well come on​ then. Let's get started!

I'd invite you​ to​ create two or​ three goals that will make a​ difference to​ your business. And then,​ put them on​ a​ calendar on​ your wall. if​ you​ don't complete them are you​ any worse off? But,​ if​ picking them and putting them on​ a​ calendar is​ enough to​ help you​ get some results then you've discovered a​ simple system to​ achieve positive change.

Here are a​ few suggestions for marketing resolutions that you​ can stick to​ and would help make a​ difference in​ the​ next year.

1. Commit to​ learn something about marketing every month. There are several ways you​ could put this on​ the​ calendar and actually hold to​ this resolution. Every month you​ could commit to​ read a​ book,​ attend a​ seminar,​ attend a​ workshop,​ enroll in​ a​ tele-class,​ or​ buy and listen to​ audio on​ some specific marketing topic.

You don't necessarily have to​ try to​ learn everything about marketing all at​ once. But,​ you​ do owe it​ to​ yourself to​ continuously learn. Pick a​ different marketing topic for each month and then determine your preferred learning method.

2. Commit to​ write something about your area of​ expertise every month. Writing is​ probably the​ single most important marketing skill you​ can master. the​ good news here is​ that you​ get to​ write about what you​ already know. Then finding ways for you​ to​ share what you​ write will actually serve as​ a​ client attracting marketing tool for you.

Think of​ how much you'd be getting the​ word out about what you're great at​ if​ you​ wrote and distributed something every month. Write a​ tip sheet to​ give to​ clients and referral sources. Start a​ newsletter or​ ezine to​ start sending to​ everyone in​ your network of​ contacts. Submit articles to​ the​ publications that your target market turns to​ for information.

3. Commit to​ testing your attention getting message every month. the​ first thing you​ say when someone asks,​ "What do you​ do,​" should create some interest and get your listeners to​ ask for more information.

Put some networking events on​ your calendar for each month of​ the​ year. Stop worrying about trying to​ get a​ new client. Just go and test your attention getting message to​ see who asks you​ to​ tell them a​ bit more. Here's a​ great follow-up when someone does ask for more information - offer to​ send them something that you've recently written on​ the​ topic (see #2 above).

Just like all those exercise resolutions you​ made in​ the​ past,​ even scheduling just a​ few hours a​ week or​ a​ month will begin to​ make a​ difference.

A Few More Tips to​ Make Your New Year's Marketing Resolutions Stick

Once you​ make your resolutions (hopefully getting into marketing shape is​ one of​ them),​ write them down in​ big letters and put them up where you'll see them every day. Tell at​ least three people who will help you​ stick with it.

Sometimes you​ just have to​ hear something over and over again until in​ it​ really sinks in. "You don't have to​ be a​ marketing guru to​ get great marketing results,​ but you​ do need to​ be willing to​ put in​ regular and consistent effort."

Just like an​ exercise program,​ if​ you​ write it​ out then you'll be more likely to​ stick with it. Get a​ simple marketing calendar and commit to​ specific marketing activities every month.

Want a​ few exercises to​ get you​ started? Read the​ E-Myth Revisited. Write a​ one page tip sheet on​ the​ top three things your clients could do to​ improve their current situation immediately. Practice a​ new introduction that gets people to​ say,​ "Wow,​ I'd like to​ hear more."

Don't go it​ alone. if​ you're serious about getting into marketing shape this year,​ consider the​ benefits of​ a​ marketing coach or​ joining some kind of​ accountability or​ mastermind group.

New Years Marketing Resolutions

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