New Way In The Press Releases Writing

New way in​ the​ press releases writing
Greetings to​ everybody who writes press and news releases .​
We'd like to​ share with you the​ information you need - new releases files format ROFX.
We are sure this word ROFX (or jokingly rofix) is​ something new you never heard of​ before .​
So,​ if​ you have a​ smallest relation
to press or​ news releases writing we​ hope this site will help you very much.
So what is​ ROFX? It is​ an​ abbreviation for Public Press Releases Open Format XML.
What is​ the​ purpose of​ ROFX? To make press or​ news releases creation comfortable and simple.
In fact,​ ROFX files are one part of​ the​ system intended to​ make releases posting more progressive .​
What this means? ROFX - is​ an​ XML based file format that helps to​ organize release information - release content and author's information .​
It organizes files,​ the​ ROFX system is​ a​ very comfortable helper to​ hold them as​ project .​
There is​ a​ system for ROFX posting,​ moderation,​ API for releases sharing with web sites .​
This API is​ realized in​ different languages,​ so you can use it​ in​ your web site engine developed with PHP,​ Perl or​ Python.
Another important part of​ the​ ROFX system is​ the​ ROFX Composer - a​ Windows desktop application that is​ used for ROFX releases files composing .​
This is​ not only ROFX files editor - the​ program helps to​ organize publisher's information and releases themselves .​
This program is​ possible to​ get from the​ Downloads section .​
ROFX Composer really works,​ but there might be some bugs - we​ very much appreciate all your bug reports .​
This helps us to​ improve this program.
All releases in​ ROFX format are stored in​ ROFX categories - anyone may surf through this web site and read the​ releases posted there.
We invite press and news releases authors and web site owners to​ spread the​ ROFX format as​ a​ comfortable and useful technology.
Visit please our web site and find all information and software.

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