New To Skateboarding Discover The First Skateboard Trick Tips You
Should Learn

New To Skateboarding Discover The First Skateboard Trick Tips You Should Learn

So you​ want to​ learn how to​ skateboard like the pros? Well before you​ do that, you​ need to​ start with some basic skateboarding trick tips to​ help get you​ going. Here is​ one great skateboard trick that is​ great for​ a​ beginner.

The Indy Grab

One of​ the easiest and​ most used tricks in​ skateboarding is​ the Indy Grab. this​ is​ where you​ see skaters catching air, bending down and​ grabbing their board. it​ looks really cool, and​ it's one of​ the first skateboard trick tips you​ should learn.

The first thing you​ want to​ do is​ learn how to​ do the Ollie. Once you​ know how to​ do this, you​ can incorporate the Indy Grab. While you're riding, you​ should have your​ front foot in​ the middle of​ the board, and​ your​ back foot on​ the tail of​ the board.

you​ will slam down on​ the board and​ with your​ back foot and​ jump at​ the same time. you​ will keep your​ body centered on​ the board so that it​ stays even. this​ is​ the basic steps of​ the Ollie. Once you​ have this​ down, you​ will reach down while you're in​ the air and​ hold onto the board between your​ feet.

Let go before you​ hit the ground, and​ always keep your​ knees bent so that it​ will absorb the shock of​ the landing. you​ can do this​ trick on​ a​ ramp, as​ you're coming off the flat edge, or​ you​ can do it​ on​ flat ground. One of​ the best skateboard trick tips is​ to​ try and​ get as​ high as​ you​ can. this​ will help you​ have enough time to​ pull off the Indy Grab.

if​ you​ want to​ see some more advanced skateboard tricks in​ action​ you​ can see some free videos at​

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