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First,​ go back to​ basics. the​ whole idea of​ article writing is​ to​ communicate. You have found good information,​ news,​ drama,​ or​ opinion on​ a​ timely subject and feel you have something to​ say about it. Perhaps you have no more to​ say about it​ than any one else but your way of​ elucidation may help people to​ see something a​ little better or​ something they may have missed. This is​ good stuff but then comes the​ business of​ writing it.

I have found myself getting too long winded in​ some of​ my articles. When I found out that the​ best article length in​ general is​ between 450 to​ 650 words I started to​ modify my writing to​ fit that criteria. I still get cramped up sometimes wanting to​ write more but knowing I’ve said enough. in​ time I found a​ way to​ keep things both simple and readable without sparing important content.

It is​ so simple I am almost embarrassed to​ say it. But if​ a​ thing works it​ should be made known. if​ you were to​ pick up a​ pen and write a​ letter to​ a​ friend what form would it​ take?

Would it​ have a​ summary,​ seven points and a​ huge wrap up? No it​ wouldn’t. What it​ would have is​ three major divisions,​ an​ introduction,​ two or​ three points and a​ conclusion. This may not be the​ best form for every article you write but it​ is​ an​ excellent place to​ start if​ you’re new to​ article writing. it​ is​ also a​ good place to​ fall back to​ when you have gotten far too complicated and bogged down in​ form and polish.

I am not suggesting that you cease to​ get all the​ advice you possibly can to​ improve your writing skills. I have a​ few sites I refer to​ constantly to​ learn new things. One of​ my favorites is​ “Pointeronline.” Every once in​ a​ while I have to​ re-simplify to​ make sense of​ something I’m trying to​ say,​ try it​ yourself. Remember,​ introduction,​ two or​ three points and a​ conclusion.

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