New Marketing And Promotional Ideas

New Marketing And Promotional Ideas
New marketing and promotional ideas! Free! Most are related to​ internet-based businesses,​ but even those can usually be adopted in​ some way to​ other businesses .​
Here are half a​ dozen marketing ideas to​ get you​ thinking.
A one-hour coupon .​
Offline businesses that want to​ increase the​ traffic to​ their websites can announce an​ internet coupon good for a​ free drink (or whatever) .​
The coupon would be up on​ the​ site for an​ hour,​ sometime on​ a​ Friday,​ say .​
Visitors will return again and again to​ try to​ be there at​ the​ right time to​ get the​ freebie .​
If you​ collect pay-per-click advertising fees,​ this repeat traffic might be especially profitable.
Free gift article teaser .​
a​ free gift is​ certainly not a​ new marketing idea,​ but it​ hasn't been done much in​ internet article resource boxes .​
My click-throughs from articles increased when I​ started putting in​ the​ author's resource box,​ For more information and a​ free gift,​ visit.. .​
The gift is​ usually a​ short course,​ or​ an​ e-book .​
If you​ don't want to​ write an​ e-book,​ you​ can find one with free distribution rights.
Word links for sale .​
Maybe you​ have heard about the​ entrepreneur that sold a​ million pixels on​ one web page for a​ dollar each .​
Advertisers could buy a​ minimum of​ 100,​ and the​ image would link to​ their site .​
I've seen many copycats,​ but I​ haven't yet seen anyone selling words .​
This could be even better for advertisers,​ because they could buy the​ words that are relevant to​ their products .​
a​ page full of​ random words isn't pretty,​ but these things get publicity and traffic for their novelty.
Product user contests .​
If you​ have a​ product that's used in​ many ways or​ many places,​ this is​ a​ great promotional gimmick: a​ contest to​ see who has used their cell phone,​ watch,​ or​ whatever in​ the​ wildest place or​ the​ most unusual way .​
(I took my walkman to​ the​ north pole!) Customers could post their stories and photos directly to​ your company web site .​
They wiould return repeatedly to​ see new stories,​ and the​ results of​ the​ competition.
Advertising on​ cereal boxes .​
a​ lot of​ time is​ spent staring at​ cereal boxes .​
Perhaps you​ could get a​ good rate on​ advertising on​ them .​
There have had some advertising,​ but no boxes covered in​ ads yet .​
Brokering ad space on​ cereal boxes could be a​ good business to​ get into.
Pay for article placement .​
Many of​ us distribute articles to​ generate traffic to​ our web sites,​ and many also pay to​ advertise .​
Since articles are especially good marketing tools,​ why not pay to​ have other webmasters put them on​ their sites? This is​ done for free now,​ but not often enough .​
Maybe offer a​ small one-time fee,​ with a​ minimum time commitment .​
Explain that leaving the​ article there forever can generate search engine traffic.
Put ads on​ private cars,​ advertising on​ sidewalks,​ have a​ contest to​ see who can get your product mentioned on​ and seen on​ TV - there are endless possibilities for new marketing and promotional ideas.

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