New Ipod Design For Ipod Lovers

New Ipod Design For Ipod Lovers

Apple recently updated its popular iPod music players making them thinner and adding great new features that make it​ worth considering an​ upgrade for old iPod users.

There are three iPod models -- 10,​ 15 and 30GB. the​ 15 and 30GB iPods $299 and include software for use with Windows or​ Macintosh systems.

The new iPods are about half as​ thick as​ the​ older ones,​ and there is​ a​ dock for the​ 15GB and 30GB models. Instead of​ connecting via a​ Firewire cable to​ charge the​ battery or​ download music,​ the​ new iPod slides easily into its rectangular dock,​ which is​ connected to​ a​ power source or​ to​ the​ computer.

The new controls are backlit and touch sensitive,​ which means there's no longer a​ spinning wheel that collects dirt. There's also a​ great new feature called the​ On-The-Go playlist. Previously,​ if​ you wanted to​ listen to​ a​ particular group of​ songs on​ the​ iPod,​ you had to​ make a​ playlist in​ the​ MusicMatch for Windows or​ iTunes for Macintosh software provided with the​ device. With the​ new On-The-Go feature,​ you can click on​ a​ song in​ the​ iPod and add it​ to​ the​ playlist without having to​ hook the​ iPod to​ a​ computer. the​ playlist is​ cleared when the​ iPod is​ connected to​ the​ computer.

The new iPod includes an​ alarm clock function,​ and new external sound means the​ alarm sounds even if​ the​ iPod isn't hooked to​ a​ stereo or​ headphones.

There are a​ lot of​ extras on​ the​ iPod. the​ equalizer is​ back with more presets to​ bring out details of​ your music. a​ calendar is​ available,​ and the​ notes feature lets you drag text notes and messages to​ the​ iPod when it's used by the​ computer as​ a​ hard drive. Contacts can also be added to​ the​ iPod using vcard-formatted contact information. There are new games to​ play,​ including solitaire.

The new iPod comes with features found on​ old iPods,​ such as​ earbud headphones that offer great sound and a​ sliding button on​ top that locks the​ controls. This keeps the​ iPod from accidentally being turned on.

As for the​ battery,​ the​ built-in device charges quickly and drains slowly. On average,​ I got about 6-7 hours of​ use out of​ the​ device on​ a​ single charge.

To complement the​ iPod,​ Apple has introduced the​ Music Store. the​ store offers songs for 99 cents each and some albums from several music genres. the​ only downside to​ the​ Music Store is​ its limited audience. For now,​ it's only available to​ Macintosh users with iTunes 4.

While there's room for slight improvement,​ the​ new design is​ impressive overall. the​ backlit control is​ great to​ have,​ even the​ On-The-Go playlist. the​ device offers great sound,​ whether through headphones or​ a​ full stereo system. the​ Music Store complements the​ iPods nicely,​ though it​ would be nice if​ Windows users could take advantage of​ the​ online song database. But at​ least Windows users have iPods.

New Ipod Design For Ipod Lovers

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