New Families Moving To Your Community Need Your Expertise Get Paid To
Share It

New Families Moving To Your Community Need Your Expertise Get Paid To Share It

New Families Moving to​ your​ Community Need your​ Expertise Get Paid to​ Share It!
It’s estimated that 40 million​ Americans will be making a​ move in​ 2018. Military families, those who have a​ job transfer, California residents who are tired of​ the high cost of​ living, students attending colleges and​ universities, families moving due to​ health reasons, they all have something in​ common. They’re moving to​ an area they know nothing about and​ they need your​ help.
Think back to​ the last time you​ moved to​ a​ new town. Do you​ remember how lost you​ felt? Where were the best schools for​ your​ kids? Who were the good doctors? What market had the hard to​ find items? Where were your​ daughters going to​ take dance? Having more questions than answers can be so frustrating and​ you​ could spend months learning everything you​ need to​ know.
Thanks to​ a​ new business career kit targeted at​ women who want to​ own a​ homebased business, new movers don’t have to​ feel so lost and​ uninformed in​ their new town.
if​ a​ woman loves to​ talk and​ make new people feel welcome, then this​ type of​ home business is​ perfect for​ them. Explains Liz Folger, founder of​ Bizymoms. com. The Welcome Service career kit is​ a​ unique opportunity that allows women who don’t have a​ business, marketing, or​ web design background to​ start their own successful welcome service business in​ just a​ matter of​ weeks.
So many women want to​ start a​ home business, but they just have no idea what business to​ start. Many of​ them feel frustrated because they don’t feel they have the skills needed to​ start any type of​ business. The great thing about a​ welcome service business is​ that just knowing about your​ town, and​ what it​ has to​ offer is​ really all you​ need to​ be successful.
The career kit includes everything women have been asking for. Explains Liz Folger. Often times stayathome moms are stopped from starting their own home business because of​ tax and​ marketing concerns that turn into fears. this​ kit dispels the myths and​ shows them how they can become a​ home business owner one step at​ a​ time.
The website that is​ included in​ the kit is​ revolutionary. Not only will associates have their own web site, but they can also add information​ to​ personalize the site as​ often as​ they like. They can send out newsletters to​ their database, and​ sponsors and​ newcomers can order directly from the site.
New residents to​ the area will appreciate the service, and​ local businesses will love this​ approach to​ advertising. Long time residents turned associates will enjoy recommending their favorite businesses and​ organizations. a​ personal recommendation​ is​ priceless when it​ comes to​ marketing a​ business.
Here’s how this​ business works exactly. An associate will work with other businesses in​ the area. Businesses will love the idea of​ someone giving their products and​ or​ services a​ personal recommendation. They may even want to​ include a​ coupon​ or​ a​ gift certificate for​ the new comer. The associates can either print the coupon​ themselves, or​ work with a​ local printer.
Associates will then personally deliver welcome packets to​ new families in​ the neighborhood. Each packet will contain​ coupons, maps, gift certificates and​ other goodies that will help inform new comers of​ what their new town has to​ offer. The business will pay a​ certain​ amount for​ each packet that is​ delivered.
Making sure the new comers use those coupons is​ important. you​ want your​ advertisers to​ see those coupons coming back to​ the store. With the database software that you​ will receive with your​ website you​ can simply send an email reminding your​ new comer to​ use the coupons. your​ email can also include any additional tips or​ suggestions you​ feel may help them. you​ might talk about an upcoming event in​ the area that they may be interested in​ knowing about.
Finding families new to​ your​ area isn’t going to​ be hard either, just work with your​ local Realtors. They will love this​ free service that they can offer to​ their new buyers. and​ the new buyers will appreciate the additional help you​ can give them.
and​ you​ don’t have to​ stop there; new comer packets can be just the beginning. With your​ website you​ can offer up to​ five different packets. New babies packets, new pet packets, and​ holiday gift packets are just a​ few of​ the services you​ can offer. you​ can really tailor your​ particular packets to​ the area you​ live in.
The best part of​ this​ type of​ business is​ that you’re the owner. you​ can decide if​ you​ want to​ work full or​ part time. you​ can work around your​ kid’s schedule. you​ can decide how much or​ how little you​ want to​ make. It’s all about being in​ control of​ the lifestyle you​ want for​ yourself and​ your​ family.
for​ more information​ about starting your​ own local welcome service visit http//www. bizymoms. com/cart/wb_kit. html

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