Natural Hair Loss Treatment Herbs

Natural Hair Loss Treatment Herbs
Hair loss treatments are usually divided into two groups natural hair loss treatments and all the​ other hair loss remedies. Unfortunately,​ many people that experience hair loss are not aware of​ the​ natural hair loss remedies. They usually get frustrated after having side effects of​ the​ hair loss remedies or​ spend too much money on​ ineffective hair loss remedies.
Herbal hair loss treatments have been proven effective for​ decades and in​ some cases even centuries. They cause no side effects,​ cost less than any other hair loss treatment and bring good results in​ preventing hair loss,​ stopping hair loss and regrowing hair.
Here are some of​ the​ most common herbs for​ hair loss
1. Rosmary Rosmarinus in​ Latin known for​ stimulating hair growth and for​ enhancing dark hair.
2. Dong Quai a​ Traditional Chinese herb that contains phytoestrogens that reduces the​ formation of​ DHT. Hence,​ Dong Quai is​ beleieved to​ stop hair loss and even regrow hair.
3. Saw Palmetto a​ small creeping palm Also known as​ Serenoa repens. it​ contains free fatty acids and phytosterols,​ which block the​ formation of​ DHT and by inhibiting the​ enzyme 5alpha reductase that contributes to​ androgenetic alopecia. and has shown to​ be more effective than Finasteride in​ some cases.
4. Aloe Vera Taken from the​ inner leaves of​ plants,​ it​ is​ a​ substance in​ a​ gel formation that is​ known for​ its ability to​ calm irritated skin. it​ protects the​ scalp and hair and also known as​ a​ good remedy against Alopecia.
5. Capsicum a​ type of​ hot peppers which stimulates hair growth by at​ least half and increases blood flow to​ the​ scalp. This herb is​ good for​ regrowing hair.
6. Lemongrass a​ pale green stalk about 18 inches long. This herb stables oil product in​ the​ scalp. it​ also increases fullness and body to​ the​ hair.
If you​ suffer from hair loss or​ thinning hair or​ just want to​ keep your hair healthy and strong,​ it​ is​ recommended to​ use herbal hair loss treatments.

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