Natural Hair Loss Remedy And Treatment

Natural Hair Loss Remedy and Treatment
This guide will discuss the​ various ways of​ hair loss and the​ natural hair loss treatments available. as​ many of​ us believe and rightly so,​ hair fall occurs due to​ the​ lack of​ attention it​ receives from its owner though the​ main type of​ loss is​ hereditary i. e. male pattern baldness. Very hardly people care to​ treat their hair as​ they treat their face.
The first way to​ stop hair loss is​ to​ give proper attention to​ it. Now,​ with that out of​ the​ way,​ the​ other reasons that can be quoted are genes,​ hormones,​ chemicals and dust particles settling in,​ etc. the​ top priority must be given to​ the​ gene factor involved in​ hair loss. Because,​ this has been the​ cause for​ many who are young to​ become bald.
Hair is​ an outgrowth on​ the​ skin which is​ determined by the​ testosterone in​ men and estrogen in​ women. These two determine the​ differences between a​ man and woman. for​ a​ female,​ when the​ estrogen is​ present in​ normal condition,​ she develops long hair and prevents hair growth on​ the​ face. When the​ level of​ estrogen is​ reduced,​ the​ hair loss is​ prominent in​ females. There has some success in​ females when estrogen level is​ restored.
For a​ genetically caused hair loss in​ both men and women,​ the​ best solution available is​ hair transplantation. This has been a​ phenomenal success for​ many who have developed baldness through heredity.
Though,​ there are some general ways to​ prevent hair loss that is​ mentioned below. These steps are a​ guideline for​ effective maintenance of​ the​ hair.
· Massage your hair with plenty of​ coconut oil,​ so that it​ reaches deep into the​ root of​ the​ hair follicles. Doing this everyday is​ a​ really good treatment for​ arresting hair loss. Also,​ this reduces the​ body heat also,​ which might trigger hair loss for​ some and also acts well in​ strengthening the​ hair follicles.
· Then make it​ a​ habit of​ washing your hair with shikhai powder and amla powder atleast once a​ week. you​ can also add the​ yolk of​ egg to​ the​ powders as​ it​ is​ a​ high protein food and helps in​ the​ growth of​ hair
· Include Aloe Vera in​ the​ list of​ hair loss remedy products. Aloe Vera gel or​ oil which is​ commonly available in​ the​ market has been an effective ingredient in​ stopping hair fall.
· if​ you​ are regularly using an anti hair fall shampoo and still experience hair loss,​ it​ is​ better for​ you​ to​ consult a​ dermatologist. He may help you​ based on​ whether you​ are allergic to​ certain chemicals or​ products.
All the​ above mentioned points may not lead to​ quick remedy for​ hair fall. They help stop hair fall. Also,​ consulting a​ dermatologist is​ suggested if​ you​ experience rapid hair loss.

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