Mystery Shopping An Excellent Way To Make Extra Money

Mystery Shopping An Excellent Way To Make Extra Money

Mystery shopping (sometimes called secret shopping) is​ an​ excellent way to​ make extra money. it​ is​ very easy to​ do,​ you​ need no previous experience,​ no special knowledge and no expensive equipment. Mystery shopping can be performed by anyone who is​ able to​ go shopping. the​ mystery shopping companies employ men and women of​ all ages and descriptions as​ secret shoppers in​ order to​ obtain feedback from a​ wide range of​ different people on​ a​ wide range of​ services. Some mystery shopping assignments have to​ be undertaken by people who are accompanied by children in​ order to​ report back on​ specific facilities in​ places such as​ theme parks or​ family restaurants. (If you​ don't have children of​ your own in​ the​ right age group,​ don’t worry: you​ are allowed to​ borrow them from relatives or​ friends.) if​ you​ enjoy shopping,​ mystery shopping will be a​ fun way for you​ to​ make extra money.

Mystery shopping consists of​ getting paid to​ go into a​ business (eg a​ shop or​ restaurant),​ without the​ employees knowing that you​ are anything other than an​ ordinary shopper,​ and reporting back to​ the​ mystery shopping company. a​ focus group is​ when you​ get paid to​ sit down with other people who are also getting paid and discuss new products or​ services,​ many focus groups are actually held online,​ so you​ don't even have to​ leave home for carry out the​ assignment.

The reason mystery shopping companies and survey companies exist is​ to​ provide companies with impartial feedback on​ their employees,​ products and services. That way they can see where there might be problems and make the​ necessary changes to​ improve things.

Mystery shopping companies will pay you​ to​ shop,​ eat at​ restaurants,​ have a​ drink at​ a​ bar,​ visit the​ cinema,​ take a​ trip and take part in​ focus groups. if​ you​ are sent out to​ do mystery shopping,​ you​ might be required to​ visit a​ particular shop and just make enquiries about an​ article to​ test the​ staff's customer service level but,​ if​ you​ are instructed to​ make a​ purchase,​ you​ are allowed to​ keep the​ articles and will be reimbursed for the​ cost. if​ you​ are sent to​ do mystery shopping at​ a​ restaurant or​ bar,​ you​ will be given a​ budget figure to​ spend on​ your food and drink and that money will be reimbursed to​ you​ by the​ mystery shopping company on​ top of​ your fee for the​ assignment. you​ might be asked to​ sample new products and these items will be sent to​ you​ free of​ charge. as​ part of​ your mystery shopping,​ you​ might find yourself receiving free samples to​ test of​ anything from detergent to​ chocolate. (This can also happen if​ you​ join survey companies.)

Mystery shopping jobs are obviously easier to​ find if​ you​ live in​ or​ near a​ fair sized town where there are a​ large number of​ shops,​ restaurants etc but,​ if​ you​ live in​ a​ rural area,​ you​ can still earn money taking part in​ online focus groups which can be found through online paid survey companies.

After you​ do a​ mystery shopping assignment you​ answer some questions on​ a​ form provided by the​ mystery shopping company and file your report with them. These reports are usually set up as​ a​ series of​ questions with a​ box for you​ to​ add any relevant details the​ company might request. the​ reports can usually be completed very quickly and it​ is​ best to​ complete your report straight after you​ finish your mystery shopping so that you​ don't forget any detail. Some mystery shopping companies require you​ to​ report to​ them by phone immediately after you​ have completed the​ mystery shopping assignment but,​ generally,​ the​ companies expect you​ to​ submit a​ written report by post or​ email.

The way to​ approach mystery shopping is​ to​ remember that basically you​ are like a​ reporter. you​ must never add your feelings or​ recommendations to​ a​ mystery shopping report. Your job is​ to​ just answer the​ questions,​ report the​ facts and describe what actually happened during your mystery shopping expedition.

If you​ accept a​ mystery shopping assignment but then are unable to​ complete it,​ make sure you​ immediately notify the​ mystery shopping company so that they can make alternative arrangements to​ avoid letting down their client.

When you​ start doing mystery shopping,​ make sure you​ accept all suitable assignments including last minute jobs and any less than glamorous assignments you​ might be offered. the​ top class assignments will be offered to​ reliable mystery shoppers so you​ will need to​ prove yourself and build up a​ good reputation by making a​ good job of​ the​ lower quality assignments and getting your report in​ on​ time. at​ the​ start,​ you​ might find yourself being asked to​ do mystery shopping a​ the​ local fast food outlet or​ department store. Once you​ build up a​ reputation as​ a​ reliable mystery shopper,​ you​ can look forward to​ assignments where you​ are paid to​ visit expensive restaurants and designer shops. you​ might even be lucky enough to​ get a​ free trip and hotel accommodation as​ a​ mystery shopper.

Always keep in​ mind that,​ although mystery shopping is​ a​ fun and easy way for your to​ make extra money,​ it​ is​ a​ business and you​ need to​ behave in​ a​ businesslike manner when carrying out your mystery shopping assignments and reporting the​ results to​ the​ mystery shopping company. Your mystery shopping reports will be helping to​ shape the​ future of​ the​ businesses you​ visit and you​ have the​ chance to​ make a​ positive impact on​ decisions relating to​ improvements to​ services and facilities which will be of​ benefit to​ you.

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