My Adventure With Creative Writing

My Adventure With Creative Writing

During my last semester of​ college I had a​ few hours that I got to​ fill with elective classes. I had heard good things about the​ professor who taught Creative Writing and so I signed up for the​ class without too much thought about the​ content of​ the​ class or​ what it​ would require of​ me. Little did I know when I signed up that the​ Creative Writing class would be one of​ the​ hardest of​ my entire college experience.

I entered the​ class on​ the​ first day of​ the​ semester and was surrounded by what appeared to​ be all English and Art double majors. I tried to​ shake the​ fact that I was surrounded by people who write excessive amounts of​ poetry and gripping short stories for fun,​ but I just couldn't do it. in​ my mind all I could think about was the​ inevitable failures that were to​ come as​ I glanced at​ the​ syllabus of​ assignments for the​ months ahead. I even calculated my credits for graduation on​ the​ evening after that first class to​ see if​ there was any way that I could graduate without taking Creative Writing class.

Because I needed the​ credits,​ and quite honestly because I was intrigued by my classmates,​ I entered the​ classroom on​ the​ second day of​ class and on​ each day that Creative Writing met for the​ entire semester. it​ proved to​ be the​ most challenging classroom of​ my education. Each time I entered it​ was with a​ mixture of​ fear and excitement. I felt fear because I knew that each day things were required of​ me in​ Creative Writing that I had never experienced before,​ yet I was excited because I had so rarely been challenged to​ think,​ really think,​ before.

The first half of​ the​ semester Creative Writing was focused entirely on​ poetry. I spent many late nights and many tear filled afternoons working on​ writing poems. it​ didn't come easily for me like it​ did for all of​ my classmates. Poetry was what naturally came from their mouths everytime they talked. I was certainly not used to​ making my words sound beautiful or​ intentional. the​ goal of​ our poetry section in​ Creative Writing was to​ come up with ten polished poems that each met different requirements.

After the​ torture of​ poetry we​ moved on​ to​ writing short stories and scripts. This half of​ Creative Writing class proved no less challenging for me. I struggled every day until the​ last assignment had been turned in.

In the​ end,​ Creative Writing was not only the​ most difficult class I had ever taken,​ it​ was also my favorite.

My Adventure With Creative Writing

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