Mum My Hair Is Falling Out

Mum My Hair is​ Falling Out
My nineteen year old daughter,​ Siobhan,​ has a​ beautiful head of​ thick copper colored hair. She was horrified this morning to​ find clumps of​ it​ coming out when she was washing it​ in​ the​ shower. I ​ had noticed for​ a​ few weeks that the​ amount of​ red hair left in​ the​ shower was increasing,​ but just tried to​ make sure she was eating healthily.
Losing your hair is​ a​ natural part of​ the​ aging process,​ obviously for​ men,​ but also for​ women,​ after the​ menopause. My daughter and I ​ sat down that evening,​ after work,​ to​ talk about her problem.
It turned out that she has been under a​ lot of​ stress at​ work recently,​ with extra responsibility being heaped on​ her because she is​ a​ willing worker. She has also had the​ usual share of​ boyfriend problems and a​ missed period. Combined with eating junk food five times a​ week and drinking half a​ bottle of​ vodka at​ a​ weekend this was playing havoc with her body chemistry.
Stress can have all kinds of​ unexpected effects. it​ can cause stomach upsets,​ wind and skin disorders as​ well as​ the​ more well known ailments like asthma and headaches.
I went to​ the​ chemist for​ a​ pregnancy test kit,​ attracting a​ few strange looks. Siobhan refused to​ go for​ one,​ so someone had to. She was not pregnant,​ so that was one big worry less. I ​ explained to​ her that stress messes up a​ woman’s menstrual cycle and missed periods are commonly caused by stress.
I made her write out what she had eaten each day over the​ past week. it​ was a​ horrifying combination of​ salt,​ sugar,​ alcohol,​ fat and monosodium glutamate. When it​ was all set down on​ paper she could see why her body was not functioning normally. it​ would be a​ miracle if​ it​ had been!
We went to​ the​ fridge and freezer with a​ large black bag. Everything that was less than totally healthy went in​ the​ bag. This included oven chips,​ ready meals,​ pork chops,​ bacon,​ butter,​ full fat milk and cheese.
I rang my older daughter,​ Bernie,​ to​ come and take the​ bag away,​ that she could have it​ all because we​ no longer needed it. the​ grandchildren would love all the​ forbidden treats.
Siobhan and I ​ made out a​ diet list for​ the​ week. This consisted of​ fruit,​ vegetables,​ salads,​ fish,​ chicken and vegetarian meals. we​ made a​ shopping list and went out there and then to​ buy everything we​ needed.
The next morning we​ both took the​ day off work,​ sick,​ and carried on​ our lifestyle change discussion. Exercise works well in​ reducing stress levels,​ so we​ rang a​ gym and agreed to​ go down that afternoon to​ look around.
Next we​ looked at​ our ​alcohol​ consumption. Bernie got a​ box of​ wine and vodka bottles,​ she could not believe her luck.
Siobhan and I ​ have a​ way to​ go yet,​ but we​ have made a​ start on​ reducing her stress levels,​ and it​ is​ always easier to​ make lifestyle changes if​ you​ have company.
We still have to​ look at​ her relationship problems and work induced stress,​ but we​ have made a​ good start.

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