Moving To Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Moving To Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Most webmasters on​ the net today are familiar with what the industry calls "shared" web hosting accounts. a​ shared hosting account is​ where you​ rent a​ small amount of​ space on​ a​ server which is​ shared among many other users.

this​ is​ a​ cheap way to​ get started online but it​ has many disadvantages - you​ will encounter email delivery problems because of​ spam complaints against other sites on​ the same server. you​ will find your​ site's grinding to​ a​ halt when someone else does some heavy database work on​ your​ server. you​ might even find your​ site going down because of​ a​ denial of​ service attack against someone else hosting hacking or​ piracy related material on​ your​ server (these type of​ sites attract antisocial elements!)

How can you​ avoid all of​ this​ drama?

By upgrading to​ a​ virtual dedicated server. a​ virtual dedicated server lets you​ run your​ sites as​ if​ you​ had your​ own "dedicated" server, except it​ is​ cheaper because you​ are really just using part of​ a​ server that has been split into multiple virtual dedicated servers.

you​ can find out more about this​ by searching Google for​ "virtual dedicated hosting". Virtuozzo is​ the main​ commercial software that web hosts use to​ run virtual hosting services.

you​ will find virtual dedicated server accounts starting at​ just $30 a​ month. You'll get a​ much larger chunk of​ bandwidth compared to​ shared hosting, and​ none of​ the problems that go with a​ shared host. you​ can also get multiple IP addresses that are exclusive to​ your​ sites.

So what's the catch? Not much. You'll probably spend a​ bit more on​ hosting each month. The main​ disadvantage of​ upgrading to​ virtual dedicated hosting is​ that you​ will need to​ be more technically proficient so that you​ can administer the server.

this​ requires a​ bit of​ time learning the necessary Linux skills to​ make sure your​ server runs smoothly.

Many hosting providers will have a​ "premium" support offering that includes a​ bit more hand​ holding - this​ is​ definitely recommended if​ you​ don't have much experience with Linux, or​ are new to​ virtual dedicated hosting.

With the increased speed and​ bandwidth that a​ virtual dedicated host offers, and​ none of​ the shared hosting headaches, the move is​ one you​ will never regret. So, the question​ now becomes, are to​ ready and​ willing to​ take-on​ the challenge of​ virtual dedicated web hosting and​ save yourself some hard earned cash? The choice is​ yours...


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