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Things to​ Consider when Moving Overseas
Moving Overseas can be a​ very hard decision​ to​ make .​
Some move overseas because their jobs require them to .​
in​ order to​ advance in​ their careers, some must make the decision​ to​ move .​
Some people move because of​ their family .​
When people wish to​ stay together, someone must sacrifice and​ move to​ another place .​
Some move because they want something to​ change in​ their lives .​
Moving overseas is​ like experiencing a​ fresh start in​ life .​
It is​ often the case that people who decide on​ moving overseas do so because they feel that they will be leaving their mistakes behind.
There is​ an​ Asian saying that goes: he who does not know how to​ look back where he is​ coming from will never get to​ his destination​ .​
Simply put, moving overseas may seem like a​ fresh start in​ life, but we must be careful never to​ truly forget our origins .​
Some people, when they go overseas, lose their identities .​
They easily become assimilated into the culture of​ their new home .​
Generally, this​ is​ not such a​ bad thing .​
However, if​ you​ forget your​ heritage, then you​ might end up making the same mistakes that you​ did in​ the past .​
Remembering your​ origins is​ like reviewing all the lessons that you​ have learned within​ the great classroom of​ life .​

Before you​ make a​ decision​ concerning moving overseas, there are three voices you​ should listen to:
a) your​ initial reaction​ – this, of​ course, is​ the reaction​ that you​ get before you​ take the time to​ truly consider the dilemma .​
your​ initial reaction​ shows your​ instinctive decision​ .​
Many people have been saved by making decisions based on​ instinct .​
However, before you​ decide based on​ this, you​ should also consider other voices.
b) The opinion​ of​ others – after you​ have heard what you​ want, take the time to​ listen to​ what others think .​
this​ can be very helpful in​ assessing the situation​ as​ there may be some things which you​ fail to​ see from your​ perspective .​
this​ is​ especially important if​ other people will be affected by your​ moving overseas .​
c) What needs to​ be done – your​ initial reaction​ constitutes what you​ want to​ do .​
After you​ have assessed the situation, ask yourself what needs to​ be done .​
Take the opinion​ of​ others and​ the demands of​ the current situation​ and​ see what you​ really need to​ do .​
Some people might say that these things are contradicting .​
There’s really nothing that one can do about that .​
What you​ need to​ do is​ to​ find the heart of​ the contradiction​ .​
The decision​ regarding moving overseas is​ hard enough without having multiple voices inside your​ head .​
if​ you​ find the heart of​ the contradiction, however, you​ will learn that there is​ one voice which contains all of​ these opinions .​
and​ you​ would be able to​ make the right decision.
Think of​ moving overseas as​ a​ whole new adventure .​
Think of​ it​ as​ a​ new chapter in​ your​ life waiting to​ be written .​
you​ should always remember that life is​ just one big adventure and​ there are times when you​ have to​ take risks to​ enjoy it .​
you​ should also remember that no one can make you​ do anything that you​ truly do not want to​ do .​
in​ the end, the decision​ to​ move overseas will still be yours to​ make.

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