Moving Mountains With The Mercury Mountaineer

Moving Mountains With The Mercury Mountaineer

The Mercury Mountaineer is​ said to​ be the Mercury twin​ of​ the Ford Explorer. and​ it​ is​ a​ sport utility vehicle that has four doors. it​ also has the capacity to​ take in​ a​ maximum of​ seven passengers in​ its spacious interior. and​ aside from that, Mercury, the brand, has given its customers and​ patrons the opportunity to​ choose from eight trim levels, from the most basic 4 x 2 Convenience 4.0 liter to​ the most sophisticated AWD Premier 4.6 L.

Upon​ the introduction​ of​ the Mercury Mountaineer for​ this​ year, 2018, the 4 x 2 Convenience 4.0 L has been equipped with a​ 4.0 liter V6 engine which was the standard engine. it​ has the capacity to​ produce some 210 units of​ horsepower that gives the Mercury Mountaineer the chance to​ take in​ 15 mpg for​ city driving and​ get 21 mpg as​ per highway travails. to​ assist the engine in​ giving a​ superb performance is​ a​ five speed automatic transmission​ system with overdrive and​ this​ is​ the standard transmission​ system for​ this​ trim level. as​ per the sophisticated AWD Premier 4.6 L, this​ trim level comes equipped with a​ 4.6 liter V8 engine which was the standard power source. this​ gives the machine the chance to​ work up 292 units of​ horsepower which can take the Mercury Mountaineer to​ 14 mpg for​ city driving and​ 20 mpg for​ the highway. it​ also comes equipped with a​ six speed automatic transmission​ system with overdrive, and​ this​ is​ also the standard equipment for​ this​ vehicle.

The Mercury Mountaineer was actually created back in​ the year 1997. and​ it​ was known as​ the refined, restyled, and​ repackaged Ford version​ of​ the Ford Explorer. in​ fact, despite the fact that it​ could essentially be considered to​ be just another Ford vehicle, this​ vehicle has gone through many obstacles and​ soared right past those. and​ through the years, it​ has certainly left the image as​ just another Ford Explorer.

Coming with the proper and​ right kind of​ equipment, the Mercury Mountaineer has been a​ constant favorite among those patrons who lean towards sport utility vehicles. Not only is​ it​ properly equipped but it​ also is​ a​ very functional vehicle for​ it​ can actually tow some 6980 pounds. and​ yes, it​ also can perform under various weather and​ road conditions. it​ is​ softly tuned, and​ has an​ excellent handling. Since the brand, Mercury, is​ under the Ford Motor Company, surely this​ guarantees that the Mercury Mountaineer is​ yet another sport utility vehicle that is​ top quality, and​ is​ one of​ the best cars in​ the auto industry.

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