Moving From The Us To Toronto

Moving From The Us To Toronto

My brothers wife is​ Canadian. They met in​ college and​ have never apart since. All of​ us went to​ college in​ New York, which has to​ be in​ the top for​ places to​ meet people from other countries.

The only place more international for​ students might be London, I do not know. it​ is​ funny how certain​ cities draw the different nationalities for​ studies.

Anyway, her parents are still in​ Toronto and​ have just retired. They sold the family home and​ are moving down to​ Florida to​ a​ condo that they bought years ago and​ now it​ is​ paid for. I think that is​ such a​ smart way to​ plan for​ retirement. Have a​ place to​ go that is​ paid for​ and​ then sell the house that has appreciated all these years and​ invest the proceeds so you​ have money to​ live on​ comfortably the rest of​ your​ life.

My brother and​ his wife are on​ their way to​ Toronto this​ week to​ help them pack up the house and​ get ready to​ move. Since they have lived in​ the same house for​ over 50 years, there is​ an​ awful lot of​ stuff to​ sort through and​ they will have to​ get rid of​ a​ lot of​ it.

That would be the most stressful part for​ me making the decisions to​ give away or​ throughout so many of​ the things that you​ have had around you​ for​ years. They have two weeks to​ get it​ all done, because they hired a​ moving company to​ come the second week of​ April and​ load up all their belongings.

That is​ another very stressful time, watching people walk around with boxes of​ your​ stuff and​ trampling through your​ home, dismantling everything that you​ have collected and​ crafted over the years. it​ can be a​ really sad time, but I hope they are looking at​ this​ as​ a​ great opportunity and​ the next big chapter of​ their lives starting to​ unfold.

My brother helped find the Toronto Movers by calling different companies and​ getting estimates from them. He used the internet to​ search for​ keywords like Moving Toronto and​ Moving Service Toronto and​ came up with a​ list of​ about a​ dozen companies. Imagine how much harder this​ would have been without the internet!

I do not know how you​ would get a​ list of​ all the moving companies in​ another country in​ the first place and​ then you​ have to​ make all those long distance calls to​ get information. Instead, it​ was all just a​ few clicks and​ a​ lot of​ emails, and​ then a​ few conversations using toll free numbers.

What a​ difference technology can make! He decided on​ a​ company called Miracle Movers. He said he liked their website and​ he even liked their company name, plus their estimate was reasonable. He did not want to​ take the cheapest quote and​ felt comfortable with the representative who talked him through the process. They charge hourly for​ loading and​ unloading the truck and​ you​ can save money for​ being well prepared, having everything packed and​ disassembled and​ ready for​ them when they get there.

Hugs and​ kudos to​ my brother and​ his wife for​ stepping up and​ helping her folks with this​ huge life changing task.

Moving From The Us To Toronto

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