Moving From Idol To The Big Stage

Moving From Idol to​ the Big Stage – Daughtry and​ Carrie Underwood
The two American Idol contestants who have gone onto the greatest commercial success so far are Chris Daughtry and​ also Carrie Underwood .​
With Carrie emerging in​ season​ four and​ Chris appearing in​ season​ five they came at​ separate times and​ have left a​ huge impression​ on​ the music industry .​
The entertainment that these two artists have provided on​ the music industry goes far beyond American Idol and​ has broken out into the mainstream .​
Watching the success of​ Chris and​ Carrie goes to​ show that American Idol really is​ capable of​ finding great stars, however it​ does still require a​ great amount of​ hard work.
While the spotlight is​ typically on​ the winners such as​ Carrie Underwood and​ the other six American Idol winners there are other who are cast off from the show quickly that find themselves in​ the middle of​ a​ very successful career .​
Chris Daughtry is​ certainly not the first contestant to​ find himself losing the competition​ but still given a​ recording contract, but he is​ certainly one of​ the most successful .​
His fourth place finish in​ the show found many of​ his fans believing that he would never go anywhere .​
However, after he was cast off from the show, he found himself with a​ recording contract from 19 Entertainment.
Carrie Underwood has taken the start that she received from American Idol and​ turned it​ into an​ enormous success .​
While many people might not be able to​ list off all of​ the American Idol contestants they are usually quite aware of​ exactly who Carrie Underwood is .​
While she received her start on​ the show and​ demonstrated a​ capacity for​ several different musical styles, she has proven time and​ time again​ that she is​ much better at​ country music and​ that is​ her comfort zone as​ well.
Upon​ finishing the show her first album took her to​ astronomical success and​ has been followed up by several additional albums that have all performed well on​ the charts and​ in​ sales .​
The draw of​ Carrie Underwood has been the fact that she is​ extremely likeable to​ a​ wide variety of​ fans, while her primary draw is​ the country music world, which provides her with some very strong support.
Pulling herself to​ the incredible success that she has found Carrie has sold more than 12 million​ records so far .​
After being predicted as​ the winner of​ the competition, judge Simon​ Cowell also went so far as​ to​ predict that she would outsell any other contestants as​ well .​
To this​ day, Simon​ has been correct in​ his assessment of​ her talents and​ she has in​ fact outsold all other contestants .​

As you​ can just imagine, there is​ great amounts of​ success awaiting contestants if​ they are determined to​ prove themselves .​
Carrie Underwood and​ Chris Daughtry have both proven that using American Idol as​ a​ start to​ a​ musical career really is​ possible if​ you​ have the determination​ to​ make it​ work .​
There is​ nothing that the idol contestants cannot do if​ they really put themselves to​ it .​
Those that dream big are usually rewarded if​ they pursue their dreams .​
The contestants who are not determined to​ make it​ big will generally slip back into the darkness while the few stars of​ the show continue to​ rise above everything and​ make an​ incredible name for​ themselves.

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