Moving Day

Moving Day
The day of​ your​ move is​ all about getting you​ out of​ one house and​ into the new one – if​ you've hired a​ company, all you'll need do is​ oversee them, or​ stay out of​ their way entirely .​
if​ you​ haven't, its important to​ have some strong family members and​ friends on​ hand​ to​ help you​ shift everything into your​ van.
Empty one room at​ a​ time, and​ ensure the cupboards (if​ they are walk in) are also empty – once its done, sweep, mop or​ vacuum, and​ do one final pickup then close the door .​
Make it​ clear to​ the others helping you​ that sealed rooms are finished with, so that people aren't trailing dirt into rooms that are finished and​ clean.
Moving day itself will probably pass in​ a​ blur, so its important to​ try to​ savor your​ final moments in​ the house you're leaving .​
You'll probably have many memories, good and​ bad, there, and​ full closure on​ that period in​ your​ life is​ important, so that you​ can move on.
You'll want to​ keep a​ couple of​ boxes, or​ bags spare and​ on​ hand​ so that you​ can catch anything that you've missed, that's been knocked into a​ corner, or​ essentials that you've kept out for​ the move – the latter should be marked clearly so that you​ can find them at​ the other end.
Keeping your​ kettle, mugs, coffee, tea, toiletries and​ baby supplies (if​ you've got a​ small child) separate from your​ packed belongings might be a​ good idea, as​ is​ keeping any essential work, moving, utility or​ ID documents in​ a​ safe place during your​ move .​
The latter will ensure that they don't accidentally go astray, or​ are placed somewhere that you​ can't find them.
you​ should take a​ final meter reading, and​ where appropriate, shut down any water, electricity or​ gas supplies if​ no one is​ going to​ be in​ the house for​ a​ few days after you.

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