Motoring Tips 10 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Driving

Motoring Tips 10 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Driving

The cost of​ motoring has risen significantly in​ recent years, particularly with the rapid rise in​ petrol prices. There are however a​ number of​ ways in​ which you​ can reduce the cost of​ motoring. Try following our Top 10 Tips below and​ you​ could be driving further for​ less.

1. Get the best deal on​ petrol prices. The price of​ petrol can vary by as​ much as​ 10p a​ litre in​ local areas. is​ a​ free service allowing people to​ search for​ the cheapest petrol in​ their area. They review 8,000 prices daily to​ ensure that their information​ is​ as​ up-to-date as​ possible.

2. Drive in​ the highest gear. Driving at​ high speeds in​ low gears can result in​ 45% more fuel being consumed than needed.

3. Keep your​ tyres pumped up to​ the correct level. Fuel economy can be improved by up to​ 5% by keeping your​ tyres inflated to​ the correct level. The recommended pressure for​ your​ tyres can be found in​ your​ vehicle handbook and, in​ some cases, next to​ the air device at​ petrol stations.

4. Don’t drive erratically. Constantly accelerating and​ braking consumes more fuel than smoother driving. Look ahead to​ anticipate potential road blockages which will reduce the need for​ sudden breaking. for​ peak efficiency don’t push the accelerator down further than one-quarter of​ the total foot travel.

5. Save money on​ car insurance. Internet comparison​ sites, such as​, are an​ excellent way to​ find the cheapest quote. Car insurance quotes can vary by hundreds of​ pounds so huge savings can be made.

6. Find cheaper parking. Many people now rent out their driveway or​ garage to​ commuters on​ a​ long-term basis. is​ a​ site where cheaper long-term parking can be found.

7. Don’t overuse the air conditioning or​ heater. Overheating the car and​ then having to​ open the windows is​ a​ waste of​ energy and​ lowers your​ fuel economy.

8. Avoid short journeys. Driving short distances is​ significantly less fuel efficient than longer journeys. for​ example, every time your​ car engine is​ turned on​ it​ is​ equivalent to​ idling your​ engine for​ one minute. Instead set time aside to​ walk short distances.

9. Share a​ journey. Sharing a​ lift into work with one other person​ slashes your​ fuel bill by half by allowing you​ to​ share the cost of​ driving. has over 130,000 members and​ provides a​ way of​ finding someone traveling in​ your​ direction.

10. Close your​ windows. Having windows open at​ high speeds creates significant drag meaning that more fuel is​ used. Even if​ closing your​ windows means the air conditioning is​ required it​ is​ still more fuel efficient.

Motoring Tips 10 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Driving

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