Motley Crue Tickets 80s Hair Band Retaking The Concert Scene

Motley Crue Tickets - 80's Hair Band Retaking the​ Concert Scene
Motley Crue tickets once represented one of​ the​ biggest draws on​ the​ market .​
The band was wildly successful in​ the​ 1980’s,​ and their concerts were as​ highly-acclaimed as​ any in​ the​ world given their high-flying pyrotechnics,​ unexpected visual effects and loud style .​
The band is​ going back on​ tour with Aerosmith,​ and a​ look at​ their past will explain why the​ latest set of​ shows will no doubt draw fans by the​ millions.
The band came together in​ 1981 in​ Los Angeles when each of​ the​ members met after playing in​ separate local acts that had not experienced much success .​
The members began to​ come together as​ a​ cohesive unit by spending several nights partying and jamming,​ and they soon discovered that an​ over-the-top approach to​ music was a​ common bond that each of​ them shared.
Given this style,​ they attracted a​ local manager,​ Allan Coffman,​ who had a​ connection with one of​ Motley Crue’s first roadies,​ and they began to​ record tracks as​ well as​ play often in​ local clubs .​
Coffman helped the​ band gain notice in​ several ways,​ including mixing their first release on​ a​ small independent label and touring Canada .​
The Canadian tour got Motley Crue noticed because they stirred up controversy north of​ the​ border .​
They got into trouble in​ Edmonton when they arrived in​ their heavily-spiked stage gear and even arranged a​ hoax with local police where an​ anonymous caller stated that there was a​ bomb on​ stage.
Although their methods were far from orthodox,​ they did what they had set out to​ do by getting noticed .​
As a​ result of​ their first release and the​ buzz they created in​ Canada,​ the​ band landed their first recording contract with a​ major label,​ Elektra Records,​ and they immediately got to​ work on​ their first mass-marketed release.
Climbing the​ Ladder
With the​ new label came new management and it​ was in​ 1983 that the​ band really began to​ take the​ music scene by storm .​
They played the​ US Festival that year and began to​ establish themselves as​ a​ household name due to​ their outlandish outfits,​ notorious partying and raging live shows .​
Motley Crue tickets had become the​ next hot thing,​ and the​ band strategically began to​ release albums behind these legendary live shows.
Over time,​ the​ band released seven high-end studio albums,​ beginning with Shout at​ the​ Devil in​ 1983 .​
Every one of​ their releases climbed towards the​ top of​ the​ album charts,​ and millions of​ Motley Crue albums have been sold worldwide .​
That doesn’t mean that Motley Crue didn’t deal with their share of​ struggles.
The band was highly successful,​ but they collectively dealt with one major problem that nearly tore the​ band and their individual lives apart - addiction and substance abuse .​
All the​ notorious partying began to​ take its toll,​ and several incidents caused problems.
In 1984,​ singer Vince Neil was charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter when he was in​ a​ head-on collision on​ his way to​ the​ liquor store .​
The accident killed his passenger,​ and Neil was sentenced to​ 30 days in​ prison.
In 1987,​ bassist Nikki Sixx overdosed on​ heroin and nearly died .​
In fact,​ he was declared legally dead in​ the​ ambulance on​ the​ way to​ the​ hospital,​ but a​ persistent medic refused to​ give up,​ and managed to​ save his life with shots of​ adrenaline and vigorous CPR.
Eventually,​ management staged an​ intense intervention and refused to​ let the​ band continue to​ work until they had completed a​ hardcore course of​ rehabilitation .​
The members listened,​ and by the​ end of​ the​ 1980’s they had for​ the​ most part recovered from their addictions.
That doesn’t mean that this partying-style exuberance isn’t still present in​ their shows .​
If you​ want to​ see a​ band that’s as​ in-your-face as​ any in​ history,​ you​ need to​ secure Motley Crue tickets today.

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