More Than 20 Years Of Providing High Quality Tourism Management
Software Systems

More Than 20 Years Of Providing High Quality Tourism Management Software Systems

Established in​ 1982,​ started as​ a​ private software house under the​ parent company of​ Formula Vision Technologies,​ Ltd.,​ specializing in​ the​ development,​ marketing and implementation of​ computer applications for the​ air transport and travel industry markets for the​ use of​ airlines,​ tour operators,​ tourist services and distribution networks. Formula Vision is​ a​ Managing holding company for emerging companies who develop and promote Proprietary it​ Solutions targeting International Markets. the​ Formula Group is​ one of​ the​ largest software groups,​ operating internationally.

Now,​ Formula Travel Solutions,​ Ltd. (FTS) is​ a​ leading technology company,​ providing advanced software solutions for the​ travel industry. Tour operators,​ wholesalers and airlines use the​ company’s products,​ as​ smart marketing and management tools,​ creating competitive advantages through technology.

FTS has earned its reputation through its commitment to​ high quality products,​ excellent service and customer satisfaction. All team members are experts in​ their fields; listening carefully to​ their customers' needs. With over 20 years of​ experience in​ travel management,​ technology and software development,​ FTS has provided its worldwide customers with solutions that have enhanced their businesses and improved their positions in​ the​ market. FTS has accumulated vast and valuable know-how and experience in​ information systems,​ state-of-the-art technology in​ airline and travel industry commercial operation. Their expertise and products are successfully distributed on​ five continents.

FTS has earned its reputation as​ a​ leading software house by its commitment to​ the​ development of​ high quality products,​ such as​ the​ AMSYS 2000,​ an​ airline management system for low-cost and charter airlines; and the​ TOPAX Management,​ a​ complete platform of​ integrated products,​ providing solutions for all business and operational requirements: management,​ distribution and connectivity. the​ TOPAX major breakthrough in​ travel management has helped companies transform their businesses into powerful distribution platforms,​ inventing new possibilities and providing them with a​ truly competitive edge.

FTS is​ a​ Formula Group company; a​ global software group with more than 4,​000 professionals,​ providing a​ broad range of​ it​ solutions and complementary services to​ customers in​ more than fifty countries. FTS is​ represented by three offices including Area Sales and Regional Sales.

FTS clients include: Asian Trails,​ Turismo Thai,​ C.C.T. Corporation,​ Federal,​ Travex,​ Jet Tour,​ and I.T.C.,​ all of​ Thailand; Israir,​ Aviation Links,​ ,​ Sky International Tours,​ Holiday Lines,​ Arkia,​ Isram,​ Amiel,​ Open Sky,​ and Caspi Aviation,​ all of​ Israel; Valuair and Kenair of​ Singapore; Pegas of​ Russia; Sata Air Acores of​ Portugal;; I Explore of​ Australia;; and Cairo Express,​ Destination,​ Eastmar Tours,​ Escapade Travel,​ Gezira Travel,​ Midland,​ Sakkara,​ South Sinai,​ and Travco,​ all of​ Egypt and NOUVELLES FRONTIERES of​ France

FTS is​ partnered with IBM,​ and Microsoft and is​ also an​ Extraordinary Member of​ the​ European Regional Airlines Association (ERA).

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