More Marketing Dope

More Marketing Dope
Direct marketing can make you​ very successful,​ but you’ve got to​ understand the​ basics .​
Here are some more gems of​ the​ industry that can take you​ from being a​ diamond in​ the​ rough to​ the​ luminous bling-bling.
When advertising your product or​ service,​ honesty is​ not only the​ legal and ethical path,​ but also the​ path to​ the​ highest amount of​ repeat business.
Many times companies fall into the​ trap of​ trying to​ lure customers in​ to​ their store .​
They make claims that are technically true but are worded in​ a​ way that make them sound better than they actually are .​
The company may not be consciously trying to​ deceive their customer,​ but none the​ less if​ exactly what is​ advertised is​ not delivered the​ customer will feel deceived .​
This customer is​ not likely to​ do business with this company no matter what their advertising offers in​ the​ future .​
List the​ benefits of​ your product factually and deliver what is​ promised and your customers will keep coming back.
When advertising,​ it​ is​ best to​ outline the​ benefits of​ your product or​ service .​
Simply naming the​ features that it​ has may not show what it​ can actually do for your customer.
Example: a​ car company releases a​ new model of​ car that features new indestructible porcelain brakes .​
This fact is​ touted in​ all of​ their commercials but the​ cars aren’t flying off the​ lot .​
It is​ very likely that the​ customers in​ their target market,​ mostly families that are concerned about safety,​ have no idea what difference these brakes make in​ the​ performance of​ the​ vehicle .​
If they had instead advertised the​ benefit that the​ car is​ equipped with brakes that can stop your car three times faster it​ would have given the​ customer a​ compelling reason to​ be interested.
Think about what the​ benefit of​ your product or​ service is​ and focus on​ that .​
If you​ are a​ computer maintenance company your product may be server management and database maintenance but you​ will be better off saying that you​ can help increase office productivity by allowing easier access to​ client files .​
Many times your customers don’t understand your business .​
That is​ why they have to​ hire you​ .​
Make sure to​ explain to​ them not only what you​ do,​ but how it​ can help them.
When a​ customer gives you​ their email address you​ have one more way to​ get your message to​ them.
One of​ the​ best ways to​ supplement Direct Mail Marketing is​ Direct Email Marketing .​
However,​ unlike direct mail marketing,​ unsolicited email marketing is​ illegal .​
You can’t just go out and buy a​ list of​ email addresses and start sending to​ them .​
There is​ one way to​ purchase lists for emailing called opt in​ lists but this method is​ not recommended because the​ rate of​ people on​ the​ list that actually opt in​ to​ receiving your promo is​ very low .​
This is​ why you​ should always collect customers’ email addresses as​ you​ are getting their physical addresses.
Also be sure not to​ slam your customers with too much email promotion .​
I​ recommend not sending more than one email per week to​ each client .​
Not only will this keep you​ from angering your customers,​ it​ will also keep up the​ interest level and keep your emails from getting deleted before they are even opened.
If your company is​ planning on​ emailing specials or​ a​ Monthly Email Newsletter you​ will need to​ have this list for them to​ be effective .​
If you​ are not planning on​ contacting customers and prospects via email,​ you​ should be!

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