Montessori Homeschooling 223

Montessori Homeschooling
Developed from the​ work of​ Dr .​
Maria Montessori,​ this style of
teaching aims at​ duplicating natural laws that a​ child faces in​
life .​
Thus the​ aim of​ the​ teacher is​ to​ control the​ environment
and not the​ child .​
It was observed that children who are left free
to interact with their environment developed an​ innate
self-discipline,​ love for order and natural curiosity.
The Montessori method of​ teaching is​ especially suitable to​ the​
preschooler who wants to​ do everything by himself .​
Finding ways in​
which your child can participate in​ the​ cleaning,​ washing,​
cooking,​ gardening and other 'adult' activities sets the​ perfect
backdrop for the​ learning experience .​
By providing such
opportunities for independence,​ the​ child's self-esteem also gets
a huge boost.
Artistic,​ cultural and scientific activities abound in​ the​
Montessori 3-6 class .​
There is​ no TV,​ junk food,​ or​ computer .​
Material is​ selected carefully .​
The child is​ never forced to​ work .​
Instead he is​ encouraged to​ do things that interest him,​ and the​
teacher picks up the​ teaching from cues given by the​ child .​
Montessori method focuses on​ the​ child's inborn ability to​ learn
from his surroundings .​
Thus the​ teacher aims to​ encourage the​
natural curiosity of​ the​ child .​
He is​ never forced to​ learn or​
explore .​
When the​ child understands why he needs to​ learn
something,​ he will love the​ learning process .​

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