Mom Want To Make Money Online

Mom Want To Make Money Online

Mom,​ Want to​ Make Money Online?
I’m a​ Stay at​ Home Mom and I’m broke .​
I’m pinching pennies left and right and we still aren’t making ends meet .​
I​ need to​ bring in​ some money,​ but I​ really don’t want to​ go back to​ work .​
I​ have a​ computer at​ home .​
What can I​ do to​ make money?
Signed – Broke in​ Baltimore
Dear Broke in​ Baltimore,​
Oh,​ how I​ love to​ help Moms make money from home .​
It sounds like you’re open to​ working on​ your computer .​
Let’s get you​ some ideas on​ doing just that.
First of​ all,​ be careful of​ scams .​
Anything that sounds too good to​ be true,​ is​ .​
Stay away from any job that requires money down (the exception to​ that is​ Direct Sales,​ as​ most kits are bought) .​
So,​ what are your options?
Online store .​
Do you​ have a​ product that you​ want to​ sell? Maybe you​ make bracelets or​ soap that your neighbors go crazy for? Set up a​ website and you’ve got an​ instant storefront .​
Websites can be started for a​ very low price now .​
You’ll need a​ domain name (your website name),​ hosting,​ and some way to​ design your website .​
From there,​ you​ just need to​ work getting visitors to​ your online store to​ get sales .​
It’s not quite as​ easy as​ it​ sounds,​ but it​ is​ a​ very viable business option.
Telecommuting .​
There are businesses that will hire home workers for an​ hourly rate .​
These jobs are few and far between,​ but they are out there .​
If you​ want to​ qualify for a​ Telecommuting position,​ you’ll need to​ work on​ your resume and cover letter and interview skills .​
There is​ a​ lot of​ competition,​ but you​ can do it!
Direct Sales .​
There are literally thousands of​ Direct Sales companies,​ offering everything from cosmetics to​ wine .​
And,​ people do make money with these programs .​
(Of course,​ there are no guarantees,​ but there is​ potential.) Some of​ these companies even provide their consultants with a​ website,​ free of​ charge .​
Beware,​ though,​ and really research a​ company before joining .​
Some are still in​ the​ stone ages with their advertising policies and do not allow you​ to​ promote your website in​ any way .​
So,​ if​ you​ plan to​ work mostly online,​ do some research before signing on​ the​ dotted line.
Online Assistant: Many moms are making a​ good living as​ a​ Virtual Assistant doing anything from writing articles to​ advertising for their clients .​
If you​ love office work,​ this is​ an​ option you​ may want to​ look into.
Once you​ figure out what interests you,​ network with other moms who are successful,​ take online classes,​ or​ hire a​ coach .​
Invest in​ yourself and you'll invest in​ your business.

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