Modern Decor Tip Blend Not Match

Are you​ having a​ difficult time trying to​ match the colors of​ the different pieces in​ your​ room’s color scheme? Do you​ want to​ know how good Interior Designers solve this​ tough problem? I'll let you​ in​ on​ the secret...they blend the colors in​ the room instead of​ matching the colors. Don’t be afraid because you​ can do it​ too. in​ fact, I really recommend it​ because it​ will allow you​ the freedom of​ being able to​ easily incorporate more exciting pieces into the room’s color scheme and​ it​ will also make your​ life easier too since you​ won't end up going crazy trying to​ make all of​ your​ room’s decor match perfectly!

How do you​ determine what items blend in​ your​ room and​ what items don't? a​ real good rule of​ thumb is​ to​ stand​ back and​ look at​ all the pieces in​ question​ together and​ to​ go with your​ gut feeling or​ (if​ you​ don't quite trust your​ eye for​ color) seek out a​ second opinion​ from a​ good friend or​ family member with a​ good eye for​ color. this​ method of​ blending not matching is​ especially helpful when you're working with a​ pattern that may take on​ one general color when viewed from a​ distance. I also like to​ take a​ close look at​ each patterned piece to​ see which colors they're comprised of​ to​ see if​ the piece is​ a​ fit. Be sure to​ have fun and​ remember; blend not match!

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