Modern Day Postcard Marketing

Modern-Day Postcard Marketing
Postcards are one of​ the​ most effective marketing tools you​ can use to​ generate website traffic or​ sales leads .​
Postcards are not new - and they may not be very exciting .​
But they really work ...especially if​ you​ follow these 6 proven postcard marketing tactics.
1 .​
Know What you​ Want

Decide what you​ want your postcards to​ accomplish .​
Most marketers use postcards to​ attract new customers .​
But you​ can also use them for other purposes such as​ generating repeat sales or​ cultivating customer loyalty.
Also,​ decide what you​ want the​ recipients of​ your postcards to​ do .​
For example,​ do you​ want them to​ visit your website,​ pick up the​ phone to​ call you,​ come into your store ...or something else?
2 .​
Use the​ Best Mailing List

If you​ want postcards to​ generate repeat sales,​ you​ already have the​ mailing list - your customers .​
But if​ you​ want postcards to​ attract new customers,​ you​ need to​ get a​ mailing list .​
Fortunately,​ there are high-quality mailing lists available that can deliver your sales message directly to​ your best prospects.
For example,​ get a​ list of​ prospects who previously requested information about (or bought) products similar to​ those you​ sell ...or a​ list of​ subscribers to​ publications read by prospects in​ your targeted market .​
You can get these and other high-quality lists from most mailing list brokers.
3 .​
Design Your Postcard to​ Look Like a​ Friendly Message

People like friendly messages .​
They don't like advertising .​
Take advantage of​ this by designing your postcard to​ look at​ first glance like a​ message from a​ friend instead of​ like an​ ad in​ a​ magazine .​
It produces a​ pleasant emotional reaction from readers and increases the​ number of​ replies you​ get.
For example,​ use the​ same typestyle and layout you​ would use for a​ personal note to​ a​ friend .​
Include a​ date at​ the​ top and a​ sender's name at​ the​ bottom .​
Avoid borders,​ graphics and other design features often used in​ advertising.
4 .​
Include an​ Incentive to​ Respond Quickly

Provide a​ reason for those who read your postcard to​ take action - now .​
Don't let them put your postcard aside for later action .​
They'll get involved in​ other activities and forget all about it.
For example,​ offer the​ reader a​ discounted price,​ a​ special bonus or​ some other benefit if​ they reply by a​ deadline.
5 .​
Use Real Stamps

Use real postage stamps on​ your postcards .​
It produces more replies than imprinting the​ postage .​
You can send postcards by First Class Mail in​ the​ US for only 24 cents if​ you​ make them at​ least 3 1/2 by 5 inches but no larger than 4 1/4 by 6 inches.
6 .​
Time the​ Delivery of​ Your Postcards

Mail your postcards so they are likely to​ arrive on​ Tuesday or​ Wednesday .​
The volume of​ mail delivered on​ those days is​ usually light and your postcards will not have to​ compete with a​ lot of​ other mail delivered at​ the​ same time.
Controlling the​ delivery day of​ your postcards is​ easy if​ you​ use First Class Mail .​
Just allow 2 to​ 3 days for delivery - depending on​ how far they have to​ go .​
That's the​ normal delivery time for First Class Mail in​ the​ US.
Postcards have been around for a​ long time ...but they have become a​ highly-effective modern-day marketing tool .​
Follow these 6 proven postcard marketing tactics and you​ will generate a​ flood of​ traffic to​ your website,​ a​ steady flow of​ sales leads or​ any other sales activity you​ want.

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