Mlm Marketing And Recruiting Pointers

MLM Marketing and Recruiting Pointers
In multi level marketing (MLM),​ relationship marketing if​ used properly,​ ensures you​ enroll loyal team members,​ and keep them .​
They duplicate your efforts .​
Article marketing is​ smart marketing .​
YOU provide articles you've written to​ other Web sites,​ blogs and eZines for free .​
This establishes you​ as​ an​ expert,​ give you​ leads,​ increased site traffic and improved search engine rankings .​
Blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) are two other tools .​
Blogging provides an​ arena to​ combine text,​ images,​ links to​ other blogs,​ and web pages .​
About what? you​ and your business .​
SEO in​ this instance,​ refers to​ understanding what human visitors might search for,​ and to​ help match those visitors with sites offering what they want to​ find .​
in​ order to​ use any of​ these marketing tools successfully,​ it’s important to​ work with the​ right people .​
People who can help you​ build your business.
So,​ who can help you​ build your business? Let’s take a​ reverse look at​ recruiting! Everyone knows you​ need to​ recruit lots of​ people for your downline,​ to​ make your online business a​ success,​ to​ ensure a​ good income .​
Notice the​ term good,​ or​ qualified,​ or​ partner wasn’t mentioned .​
That's because the​ current recruiting philosophy doesn’t take into consideration anything else other than the​ fact you​ need warm bodies .​
Bad MLM move and an​ even worse move for your online business success .​
If you​ don’t take the​ time to​ properly qualify prospects – you​ can expect them to​ a) perform badly b) drop out quickly c) not perform at​ all or​ d) cost you​ business and give you​ a​ bad name and reputation .​
Qualifying people you​ are going to​ work with is​ worth its weight in​ gold .​
It takes extra time,​ but you​ can’t afford NOT to​ do this.
If your business relies on​ cold calls,​ referrals,​ instant messenger communications,​ etc .​
you know the​ importance of​ properly qualifying prospects .​
You learn about your prospect and their needs and determine how your product can meet those needs.

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