Mlm Expert Status By Writing Articles

MLM Expert Status by Writing Articles
You're in​ the​ Party Plan business,​ also commonly referred to​ as​ Direct Sales or​ MLM .​
You want to​ promote your business in​ an​ easy and inexpensive way,​ but don't know how .​
If you can write or​ have someone write for you,​ you have the​ perfect opportunity to​ write about lead generation,​ how to​ market successfully,​ or​ how to​ recruit .​
This establishes YOU as​ the​ expert and guess what? You get some very nice benefits such as: lead generation,​ increased site traffic,​ and improved search engine ranking .​

This method of​ marketing is​ so popular,​ you can even find software packages and web sites to​ help you syndicate your articles easily to​ hundreds and even thousands of​ other sites .​
Imagine the​ number of​ people you could introduce to​ your product! Imagine the​ number of​ recruits you could find this way.
Here's a​ powerful example of​ article marketing .​
Marketer John Doe submits an​ article to​ iSnare (an article distribution service) .​
It's free to​ submit to​ them,​ but John decides to​ spend $2.00 .​
His article was sent to​ over 150 other distribution lists,​ which in​ turn sent his article to​ even more lists .​
Within a​ couple of​ weeks,​ John's article (he Googled it) returned about 650 results .​
650 other sites that posted his article and created links back to​ his site .​
Think of​ the​ team building you could do with those results! Think of​ the​ number of​ people who now regard you as​ the​ expert in​ your field.
Your article needs to​ be well-written,​ focused,​ easy-to-understand and helpful to​ your readers .​
DO NOT blatantly promote your product or​ service or​ it​ won't get run .​
Put a​ link to​ your site in​ the​ resource box and try to​ stay away from other links in​ your article - they often get taken out by the​ editors .​
BE SUBTLE,​ it​ will get you a​ lot further than a​ two by four.
Places to​ get started with your article marketing are: iSnare and the​ Phantom Writers and ArticleMarketer .​
Do a​ Google search for article distribution services and you'll get hundreds of​ other places to​ submit your expert article for at​ home business netrepreneurs .​
You can choose to​ spend some money to​ do this,​ but if​ you do your research carefully,​ you'll find the​ most cost effective way .​
And in​ some cases,​ free ways to​ accomplish your goals!

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