Mlm E Mail Marketing

MLM E-Mail Marketing
One of​ the​ more important aspects of​ network marketing (aka MLM) is​ the​ lowly e-mail - the​ thing people love to​ hate simply because these days it's often viewed as​ spam before it's even opened .​
Not sure you​ should try this this kind of​ marketing because people may delete your e-mail? They might anyhow,​ no matter what you​ do,​ but that doesn't mean you​ don't do this type of​ marketing .​
Targeted e-mail is​ one of​ the​ most powerful marketing tools available if​ done correctly .​
a​ superbly crafted e-mail strategy with thinking smarts behind it​ is​ a​ feather in​ your cap,​ and,​ the​ foundation for relationship marketing .​
The best part about e-mail marketing is​ the​ outstanding results you​ can get without investing too much time and an​ even smaller amount of​ money .​
E-mail marketing is​ inexpensive and what better way to​ market on​ a​ shoe-string budget? There's no production,​ materials or​ postage costs,​ and,​ it's 20 times more cost effective than direct mail .​
The major selling point about e-mail marketing is​ you​ are proactively taking action and talking to​ your existing team members and prospects .​
You're not sitting there waiting for them to​ come to​ you​ or​ back to​ your web site .​
It's also IMMEDIATE communication .​
Your call to​ action is​ clear: Click here to​ take advantage of​ this offer,​ or​ to​ learn more about this service click here and we'll get back to​ you​ immediately .​
Generally speaking responses to​ this type of​ e-mail occur within 48 hours of​ being sent .​
But don't be discouraged if​ you​ don't get a​ response .​
Just keep on​ trucking and sending your targeted messages.
Here's one kind of​ e-mail that guarantees you​ have a​ captive audience - or​ rather one that asked to​ receive the​ information you​ are sending to​ them .​
It's called Opt-In E-mail .​
They've in​ some manner agreed they want to​ hear from you,​ which is​ a​ major bonus for your marketing strategy .​
Can you​ buy an​ service that provides you​ with opt-in e-mail leads? Yes you​ can,​ but why would you​ want to​ when you​ can write your own opt-in message? All you​ have to​ do is​ send an​ e mail that briefly outlines what you​ have to​ offer,​ and then ask in​ the​ e-mail if​ the​ person would like more information .​
If they respond to​ you,​ then you​ can carry on​ giving them more details about what you're offering.

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