Misuse Of Your Companys Software Volume License Keys Can Cause Big Headaches

Misuse Of Your Companys Software Volume License Keys Can Cause Big

Misuse of​ Your Company's Software Volume License Keys Can Cause Big Headaches
It sounds harmless enough: An employee uses software at​ work and wants to​ continue using it​ at​ home .​
So he takes a​ copy of​ the​ software home,​ installs it​ and then validates it​ using his employer's volume license key (VLK)-a special code that software-makers issue to​ organizations with volume license agreements to​ allow activation of​ their software .​
But what happens when the​ employee shares that code with a​ friend? Or posts it​ to​ an​ Internet discussion board so all his friends can use it?
To those in​ the​ software industry,​ there are no shades of​ gray .​
Whether it's used by one person or​ 1 million people,​ a​ stolen VLK amounts to​ stolen software,​ and the​ ramifications can cause major problems for a​ business,​ a​ library,​ a​ university,​ or​ any organization that needs its software up and running.
Microsoft Corp .​
estimates that the​ majority of​ counterfeit software in​ use today employs VLKs that have been stolen,​ leaked or​ inadvertently misused .​
For the​ organization whose key is​ leaked and then used in​ piracy,​ remedying that situation can be time-consuming and a​ headache for IT administrators tasked to​ deal with it .​
The software company must issue a​ replacement key,​ and then the​ organization must deploy the​ new product key again-across the​ entire enterprise .​
Of course,​ the​ amount of​ IT overhead involved depends on​ the​ size of​ the​ organization,​ but it​ can be expensive in​ terms of​ time and effort for the​ IT department .​
So what can organizations do to​ better protect themselves from this problem? Most important,​ they should strictly control access to​ their VLKs .​
If new volume license agreements are issued,​ organizations should also use the​ new VLKs quickly .​
The better control they have over their VLKs,​ the​ less exposure they have to​ the​ risks of​ misuse .​
For unsuspecting users who receive counterfeit software through no fault of​ their own,​ some companies have services and promotional offers to​ help them obtain genuine software,​ such as​ the​ Genuine Microsoft Software Web site at​ www.micro soft.com/genuine .​
According to​ those in​ the​ software industry,​ if​ you​ discover that your software is​ not genuine or​ that your VLK is​ no longer under your control,​ you​ should contact the​ licensing specialist or​ account manager who handled your software purchase.

Misuse Of Your Companys Software Volume License Keys Can Cause Big

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