Mg Shadow Computer Monitoring Software A Watchdog Protecting Your

Mg Shadow Computer Monitoring Software A Watchdog Protecting Your Interests

MG-Shadow: computer monitoring software – a​ watchdog protecting your interests.
About 64% of​ all on-line teens say that do things online that they wouldn't want their parents to​ know about .​
11% of​ all adult internet users visit dating websites and spend their time in​ chatrooms .​
Some of​ the​ classify their behavior as​ cyber affair
More then 60% of​ employees use company PC for the​ personal needs during their work hours as​ long as​ 80 minutes per day .​
Do the​ math .​
It's an​ essential time and money waste
That's why today the​ question of​ controlling the​ internet usage is​ on​ the​ rise .​
The best way to​ verify the​ proper usage of​ your PC is​ to​ use the​ software known as​ monitoring,​ spy or​ surveillance software,​ developed to​ record user's activities on​ a​ computer .​
Such software can be easily purchased and downloaded from vendor's websites .​
But sometimes the​ word spy appeals to​ our ethical issues .​
Can such software be classified as​ spyware?
As soon as​ we ask this question we might have the​ reason to​ use spy software .​
And,​ first of​ all we should ask ourselves what do we need it​ for: to​ protect or​ to​ attack .​
If we have good intentions,​ all means are good .​
The thing is​ that any tool can be used for very different purposes .​
Imagine what can be done with bread knife other then slicing bread for family dinner .​
We shouldn't be afraid of​ a​ weapon we should be afraid of​ a​ man carrying it.
MG WAY CORP launched its pilot version of​ computer monitoring software MG-Shadow last year .​
Though there is​ a​ big number of​ monitoring programs on​ the​ market,​ MG-Shadow can be easily classified as​ one of​ the​ fastest,​ stable and very easy to​ use programs .​
And coming on​ the​ market recently it​ has already gained its popularity .​
MG-Shadow's features that highlight it​ from the​ crowd of​ competitors are:
· Advanced scheduler which gives you​ a​ possibility to​ run the​ Program at​ specific periods of​ time on​ your wish and put it​ in​ a​ sleep mode when monitoring is​ not necessary;
· Built-in content filter which prevents users from using and visiting undesirable internet resources;
· Mail Manager will send all the​ information you​ need in​ the​ form of​ reports to​ your personal e-mail box;
· For your convenience you​ can watch all the​ screenshots made by the​ program using advanced Slideshow mode .​
There is​ no annual or​ update fees.
And you​ will also receive 6 powerful bonuses ($300 value) including access to​ our Investigation Center,​ that are not available with any other computer monitoring software .​
For more info about MG-Shadow or​ MG WAY COPR contact Max Galitsyn visit or​
Press contact Alex Falcon

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