Memory Optimizer Software Types Of Ram

Memory Optimizer Software Types Of Ram

Memory Optimizer Software & Types Of Ram
FPM DRAM – Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory is​ one of​ the​ earlier forms of​ RAM type and is​ an​ improvement over the​ conventional DRAM .​
Traditional DRAM requires the​ physical column and row address of​ each memory cell for each memory access,​ whereas FPM DRAM uses one row address for multiple accesses.
Ironically,​ Fast Page Mode DRAM is​ the​ slowest type of​ memory technology compatible with modern PCs and can only be used on​ buses up to​ a​ maximum of​ 66MHz.
EDO DRAM – Extended Data-Out Dynamic Random Access Memory is​ only marginally (5%) faster than FPM DRAM based on​ the​ concept of​ allowing a​ memory access to​ begin before the​ last one is​ finished .​
This saves time by overlapping the​ processes required to​ retrieve a​ set of​ data .​
Like FPM DRAM,​ it​ can only be used on​ computer systems with memory bus speeds of​ up to​ the​ recommended 66MHz.
By the​ time EDO DRAM was introduced,​ computers (of the​ 486 model) became increasingly common and thus economies of​ scale reduced the​ price of​ EDO DRAM below that of​ FPM DRAM.
SDRAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory departed from FPM and EDO DRAM’s architecture and can be run on​ systems with higher memory bus speeds (100Mhz and more) .​
It runs synchronously with the​ system clock,​ after the​ initial read or​ write,​ and thus allows read or​ write operations at​ one access per system clock cycle.
Despite the​ improvements over older memory technology,​ SDRAM is​ only marginally (5%) faster than EDO DRAM .​
However,​ the​ main objective of​ SDRAM was to​ be able to​ use RAM on​ higher memory bus speeds.
DDR SDRAM – Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory is​ quite a​ long name when you​ think about it​ :o) DDR SDRAM is​ based on​ the​ SDRAM concept with just one exception – doubling the​ number of​ read or​ write operations to​ two accesses per system clock cycle .​
This effectively double the​ memory bandwidth over conventional SDRAM.
The DDR SDRAM concept is​ used in​ AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) technology to​ improve performance of​ graphics cards.
DRDRAM – Direct Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory offers the​ largest departure to​ conventional RAM architecture .​
The concept centres on​ the​ high-speed,​ but narrow,​ Direct Rambus Channel.
DRDRAM gained recognition when Intel decided to​ create chipsets to​ work specifically with the​ Rambus technology .​
However,​ as​ DRDRAM is​ proprietary,​ it​ suffers from the​ lack of​ economy of​ scale to​ reduce its price tag.

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