Membership Sites Are A Non Traditional Way Of Marketing

Membership Sites Are A Non Traditional Way Of Marketing

Membership Sites are a​ Non Traditional Way of​ Marketing
Have you​ ever thought of​ starting a​ membership site? Do you​ know what a​ membership site is? Membership sites target a​ certain market of​ people that either look for certain products or​ certain information. So if​ lets say you​ collect coins and you​ start a​ membership site with information that only pertains to​ coin collectors,​ and people can only access the​ information on​ your site by joining and becoming a​ member. on​ top of​ that the​ information you​ have on​ your site is​ not readily available for free on​ the​ Internet or​ it​ is​ difficult to​ find on​ the​ Internet,​ then this is​ a​ viable membership site.

Why are People Interested in​ Membership Sites?
You offer something a​ certain group of​ people want or​ need,​ Lets take as​ an example the​ coin collector again; on​ your site you​ can offer information on​ different coins,​ or​ a​ newsletter about coin collecting,​ this creates a​ rapport between you​ and your readers. They see you​ as​ the​ authority and go to​ your site to​ look information up because it​ is​ a​ lot more convenient than having to​ look in​ many different sites,​ and never come up with the​ information they want. as​ an Internet marketer,​ you​ can take advantage of​ this rapport and create a​ moneymaking industry for yourself.

Think about it,​ you​ have your members confidence and you​ can sell them products,​ eBooks,​ information or​ sell ad space to​ other marketers,​ use affiliate marketing and sell products that relate to​ your site,​ you​ can even charge a​ fee for your membership,​ or​ a​ higher version of​ your site,​ giving the​ reader even more needed information.

How Much Can you​ make from a​ Membership Site?
Lets imagine you​ charge a​ membership fee of​ $9. 00 for a​ three month membership,​ and lets say you​ get one new member a​ day for three months,​ you​ should have 100 members,​ if​ those members renew that means you​ get $900 a​ month,​ plus more as​ you​ grow. Now imagine if​ you​ had three other sites that did the​ same thing. you​ would make over $3000 a​ month,​ every month.

What Types of​ Sites Make great Membership Sites?
Most sites on​ the​ Internet are selling something. They sell real estate,​ vitamins,​ entertainment,​ physical products,​ but it​ is​ usually something that they are selling,​ so look for a​ product that is​ non marketing,​ and something that is​ not that common and that is​ where your opportunity lies. There are all kinds of​ membership sites,​ sites that have to​ do with hobbies,​ fitness,​ dieting,​ etc,​ etc.
Membership sites appeal to​ every target market out there. There are millions of​ people with millions of​ interests and they are looking for sites that fill their needs. Sure there are people that want to​ share videos or​ music,​ but there are also people that want to​ share craft ideas,​ or​ child rearing techniques or​ want to​ know about places to​ go on​ vacation and membership sites can be created for all of​ these interests. Its just a​ matter of​ finding the​ right niche.

How to​ Find the​ Right Niche?
Ok,​ this is​ the​ hardest part in​ creating a​ membership site. it​ requires some creativity,​ some knowledge and a​ lot of​ research,​ and we are not just talking about sitting for an hour and doing a​ quick,​ search on​ the​ Internet. We are talking some heavy duty thinking about your interests and the​ ability of​ others that are interested in​ the​ same things to​ find the​ right information on​ the​ Internet.
Once you​ have thought about a​ couple of​ options,​ then you​ can start keyword searches to​ find out how many other people are interested in​ the​ area you​ have thought about,​ and keep looking until you​ hit on​ the​ right market. Your market should be found first,​ before you​ even start looking for your project.

Let’s recap! We all know that the​ Internet can potentially produce money. We have heard it​ everywhere,​ in​ the​ news,​ on​ TV,​ on​ the​ Internet. the​ problem is​ how do we go about tapping into this great resource? One of​ the​ answers to​ that question is​ by running a​ membership site,​ which will either produce revenue from membership cost or​ through affiliate marketing or​ product marketing. as​ our membership grows,​ so will our revenue. Membership sites are not as​ popular as​ regular marketing sites,​ so there is​ a​ lot of​ room to​ grow in​ the​ industry.
In essence,​ membership sites have very few if​ any drawbacks and a​ whole lot of​ advantages.

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