Meditation Techniques That Anybody Can Use

Sometimes those of​ us “regular people” get intimidated about the​ idea of​ learning meditation techniques even if​ they will do us a​ lot of​ good. For a​ lot of​ us,​ when we think of​ meditation techniques,​ we get an​ image of​ a​ white haired guru sitting on​ top of​ a​ mountain,​ not of​ an​ ordinary run of​ the​ mill person like you​ and I.

But we know that meditation techniques can do even everyday people like us some good. That is​ because people that you​ know who use meditation techniques tend to​ be calmer,​ more at​ ease,​ relaxed and able to​ handle stress better than those that don’t. So it​ makes you​ think,​ maybe there is​ something to​ meditation techniques worth looking into.

The good news is​ that most of​ those meditation techniques that those “gurus” use are based on​ some very practical and easy things that we can do,​ without special equipment and even without a​ huge amount of​ special training to​ get the​ simple results that a​ lot of​ people work hard to​ achieve. So what we all need is​ meditation techniques that anybody can use.

Meditation Technique #1 – It’s all in​ the​ breathing.

It may seem ridiculously easy but much of​ the​ fuss about meditation technique is​ all about breathing. you​ may have already noticed that as​ you​ get more upset or​ excited or​ agitated,​ your breathing becomes shorter and you​ breathe faster. When that happens,​ you​ get less oxygen to​ your blood,​ your heart beats faster and your mind,​ with less blood,​ gets upset more easily.

So by slowing down your breathing,​ you​ can reverse the​ effect. you​ take the​ outcome and make it​ the​ cause. Instead of​ letting your breathing react to​ how you​ feel,​ you​ control your breathing to​ change how you​ feel. it​ is​ as​ simple as​ taking a​ few moments and closing your eyes and concentrating on​ breathing ten or​ so deep breaths in​ and out.

As you​ do so,​ think about those breaths and nothing else for a​ moment. Think about the​ air going in​ and then going out again. it​ is​ as​ though you​ are breathing on​ purpose. the​ outcome of​ this meditation technique will be your heart will slow down,​ your blood will get more oxygen and before long,​ you​ are calmer and able to​ react to​ things much more serenely. you​ have taken control over the​ situation.

Meditation Technique #2 – a​ moment of​ peace and quiet.

Life has a​ way of​ taking over and running us instead of​ us running it. Work gets hectic,​ family life full of​ joys and challenges and you​ have days where everything seems to​ go crazy all at​ once. There is​ another simple meditation technique you​ can use to​ return control of​ the​ day to​ you.

The gurus who use the​ advanced meditation techniques know that they should have a​ place where they can retreat to​ enter into a​ more contemplative state of​ mind. So too,​ you​ can start to​ look around your various environments and select a​ place where you​ can get a​ moment of​ peace and quiet to​ do your breathing and gather yourself to​ get control over the​ chaos that sometimes your day turns into. While in​ that quiet place,​ don’t just reflect on​ how bad things are,​ slow your breathing,​ use your ability to​ reflect and calm yourself and slowly get back to​ that inner tranquility that will give you​ control. One meditation technique that people use is​ to​ imagine a​ quiet lake inside their soul. you​ want that lake to​ be still,​ the​ surface quiet,​ the​ air pure and cool,​ the​ environment serene and at​ rest. Then when the​ world around you​ is​ going mad,​ your tranquil lake is​ never disturbed.

Meditation Technique #3 – Self Talk

You are what you​ think. And how you​ talk to​ yourself when you​ are using your meditation techniques can bring you​ up and calm you​ if​ you​ know what to​ say. Now don’t panic at​ the​ idea of​ talking to​ yourself. Self-talk is​ a​ long established meditation technique that you​ too can use to​ get your composure in​ the​ midst of​ your busy world.

Again,​ as​ we mentioned above,​ you​ have to​ let that self-talk be positive and reassuring. Remember the​ good of​ your life and your feelings when you​ were in​ control. There are other key meditation techniques that you​ can use that fall under the​ category of​ self-talk that can calm you​ and put you​ in​ a​ serene state of​ mind fairly quickly. Remember a​ time when you​ had perfect control and try to​ become that person. Have a​ common location that is​ always serene for you​ and go to​ that place in​ your mind for a​ moment and gather your thoughts there. Reflect on​ the​ things in​ your life that give you​ power and self worth. Let those things talk to​ you. Slowly this positive self-talk can do its magic and lift you​ back to​ a​ stable place and give you​ peace.

Now this is​ not to​ say that formal meditation techniques are not of​ value. They certainly are. as​ you​ take advantage of​ these down to​ earth meditation techniques we have talked about here today,​ you​ will start to​ feel the​ benefits in​ how you​ sleep,​ how you​ react to​ stress and even in​ your health.

If you​ enjoy those benefits,​ then you​ are on​ your way to​ a​ lifetime of​ meditation. Then you​ can start to​ look into some more formalized meditation techniques that will take the​ simple steps and take you​ to​ the​ next level. Who knows,​ maybe one of​ these days you​ will be that white haired guru on​ the​ mountaintop. I bet the​ view is​ great from up there.

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