Meditation Techniques For Time Pressed Executives

Meditation Techniques For Time Pressed Executives

Meditation,​ quite rightly,​ has an​ image of​ relaxation,​ peace and quiet,​ and many may interpret this as​ meaning meditation can only be for those who have time to​ laze around half the​ day. For this reason,​ those people,​ such as​ business executives,​ who live a​ pressured life with little or​ no time to​ spare,​ may assume that meditation can never have a​ place in​ their lives. That is​ a​ shame,​ as​ meditation techniques can be quite flexible and quite easy to​ fit in​ to​ a​ busy day.

The benefits of​ meditation can be so great to​ somebody under pressure,​ that even a​ few minutes occasionally may bring a​ noticeable benefit. For a​ busy executive to​ have reached their position in​ life,​ they are likely to​ be determined and intelligent individuals. This can often mean that,​ should they perceive a​ benefit in​ an​ activity,​ then they will continue or​ extend that activity. it​ is​ therefore possible that an​ executive trying out even a​ brief period of​ meditation may soon adopt some meditation technique or​ other on​ a​ regular basis.

What type of​ meditation techniques may fit in​ with an​ executive lifestyle? Important features of​ meditation are being able to​ breathe well and consciously,​ relax and clear the​ mind,​ and then focus the​ mind. an​ executive with perpetual meetings and a​ full diary,​ with pressures to​ perform and maximise profits,​ may think such things cannot be fitted into their busy lives.

It is​ true to​ say that the​ most powerful and beneficial meditation sessions are prolonged. However,​ that does not mean short periods of​ meditation are a​ waste of​ time; far from it. an​ executive is​ probably geared up to​ packing as​ much into their day as​ possible and,​ although it​ may be difficult to​ clear a​ hyperactive mind,​ they may well learn to​ pack in​ short meditation sessions also. in​ so doing,​ they may well find that those sessions give them a​ boost that is​ far greater and more beneficial than caffeine.

So,​ what techniques can an​ executive use during their busy day? Here are a​ few ideas:

1. if​ using public transport to​ get to​ and from work,​ and you​ are able to​ sit down,​ it​ can be a​ good time to​ close your eyes,​ concentrate on​ correct breathing,​ and try to​ shut out the​ surrounding sounds. Commuting can be a​ very stressful experience every day of​ the​ week,​ so a​ snatched meditation session,​ even in​ far from ideal conditions,​ may minimize those negative effects,​ or​ even turn them on​ their head. in​ fact,​ it​ can be good practice to​ try to​ meditate in​ difficult conditions,​ as​ that makes ideal conditions even more beneficial later on.

The secret to​ these train or​ bus sessions is​ not to​ fall asleep,​ and to​ concentrate extra hard on​ maintaining the​ focus.

2. Do you​ go to​ a​ gym or​ health spa? Whether at​ lunch time or​ in​ the​ evening,​ this can be a​ good time to​ tag on​ a​ short meditation session. if​ you​ have finished your work out,​ you​ need some time to​ shower and relax your body a​ bit. Following that with a​ 10 minute or​ more period of​ meditation could work wonders. Most gyms or​ health spas will have a​ room you​ can use for a​ short spell of​ peace,​ so it​ is​ worth asking. a​ vacant massage room would serve the​ purpose.

3. Control your diary,​ and schedule in​ a​ mid morning and mid afternoon "tea or​ coffee" break. Only instead of​ tea and coffee,​ drink water,​ sit comfortably,​ focus on​ your breathing and then when totally relaxed,​ have a​ short session of​ meditation,​ focusing on​ something calming and not related to​ work. Even 10 minutes can provide a​ power inducing respite from the​ day's work,​ and the​ chances are you​ will not lose time,​ but rather gain time,​ as​ you​ will work more effectively.

Snatched meditation sessions spread through the​ day may not be the​ stuff of​ traditional meditation,​ but they are certainly better than none at​ all. Hopefully,​ the​ rejuvenated executive will perceive enough benefits to​ set aside time in​ the​ evenings and weekends to​ learn full meditation,​ and then be able to​ return to​ work at​ the​ top of​ is​ game every weekday morning.

Meditation Techniques For Time Pressed Executives

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