Meditation Secrets

Meditation Secrets

Are there really any meditation secrets?

Well,​ the​ answer is​ yes and no.

One of​ the​ dictionary definitions of​ the​ word secret is​ "unknown to​ others". So if​ someone knows something about meditation and you​ don't know that same thing,​ then as​ far as​ you​ are concerned,​ it's a​ meditation secret.

Of course,​ once you​ discover the​ secret,​ it's no longer a​ secret to​ you. But it​ could still be a​ secret to​ others.

So really we're talking about meditation secrets in​ the​ loosest possible sense of​ the​ term.

What sort of​ meditation secrets might there be? Since I don't know you,​ I cannot possibly know what you​ have already learned about meditation and what you​ still have to​ learn.

Regardless of​ that,​ I'm going to​ guess that you​ may or​ may not know how binaural beats,​ sometimes known as​ brain music,​ can deepen your meditation experience. if​ you​ use music as​ a​ background whilst you​ meditate,​ experiment with a​ professionally prepared binaural beats track in​ the​ background as​ well. I think you'll notice a​ positive difference the​ next time you​ meditate if​ you​ include them.

You may also think that it​ takes hours of​ practice to​ meditate. the​ secret here is​ that it's focus that counts. a​ truly focused meditation session lasting only,​ say,​ 15 minutes,​ can have as​ much power as​ hours of​ unfocused meditating. Be present the​ next time you​ meditate. Keep yourself focused. Again,​ I suspect you'll notice a​ positive change from this small secret.

Alternatively,​ you​ could hunt out small groups of​ people whose meditation methods are almost unknown in​ the​ Western world. the​ knowledge contained in​ these small groups is​ probably the​ closest to​ a​ true secret,​ hidden in​ some of​ the​ most obscure places in​ the​ world. Although with the​ power of​ the​ internet,​ even this knowledge is​ likely to​ become more widespread.

Meditation Secrets

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