Meditation Relaxing The Body And The Mind

Meditation Relaxing The Body And The Mind

Meditation Relaxing the​ Body and​ the​ Mind
Meditation is​ a​ state of​ being focused on​ a​ certain thought and​ involves the​ quieting of​ the​ mind as​ you​ concentrate inwardly,​ resulting to​ a​ more relaxed and​ calm feeling. ​
This relaxation technique can help a​ person develop his personality through mental discipline as​ well as​ encourage his spiritual wellbeing by communing with God.
Usually associated with some ancient eastern religions dating back several centuries,​ meditation has been assimilited in​ western culture via spiritual practices and​ medical therapies which focus on​ different kinds of​ healing with the​ help of​ the​ mind and​ inner energy.
According to​ Dr. ​
Borysenko,​ author of​ Minding the​ Body,​ Mending the​ Mind,​ ...through meditation,​ we learn to​ access the​ relaxation response the​ physiological response elicited by meditation and​ we become more aware of​ the​ mind and​ the​ way our attitude produces stress. ​
He believes that through meditation,​ one can also get in​ touch with the​ inner physician and​ allow the​ bodys own inner wisdom to​ be heard.
In Taoism,​ the​ mind of​ emotions is​ controlled by the​ Fire energy of​ the​ heart. ​
Unrestrained,​ this Fire energy flares upward and​ wastefully burns up the​ energy and​ smothers the​ mind. ​
on​ the​ other hand,​ the​ mind of​ intent,​ or​ will power,​ is​ governed by the​ Water energy of​ the​ kidneys. ​
Without direction,​ the​ Water energy is​ flushed down the​ sexual organs which drains its essence and​ spirit. ​
However,​ when you​ are meditating,​ these flows of​ Water and​ Fire energies are reversed. ​
The Water energy is​ drawn up to​ the​ head through the​ Central and​ Governing channels,​ while the​ Fire energy from the​ heart is​ drawn down into the​ Lower Elixir Field in​ the​ abdomen,​ where the​ energy is​ refined and​ transformed. ​
This process allows the​ mind of​ intent,​ which is​ Water,​ to​ provide a​ soothing and​ relaxing effect over the​ mind of​ emotion,​ which is​ Fire. ​
Hence,​ meditation relaxation occurs.
In todays world,​ where there is​ so much chaos and​ negativism brought about by mans pursuit of​ wealth and​ power,​ many have fallen victim to​ stress and​ anxiety,​ not to​ mention a​ variety of​ medical conditions such as​ cardiovascular and​ respiratory diseases.
Meditation relaxation involves the​ body and​ mind. ​
it​ is​ beneficial in​ providing relief to​ those suffering with anxiety disorders as​ it​ allows the​ person to​ experience relaxation and​ release negative energies stored in​ the​ body,​ allowing it​ to​ acquire a​ different form of​ healing that is​ not afforded by medications. ​
But this method is​ a​ skill which needs to​ be learned properly. ​
Training in​ the​ art of​ meditation relaxation is​ necessary to​ avoid getting distractions.
In Yoga Meditation,​ the​ key principles in​ this process are attention and​ breathing. ​
These two work together naturally in​ allowing the​ relaxation of​ the​ physical body,​ as​ well as​ the​ mind.
There are times when the​ mind is​ restless that it​ could not keep itself from getting distracted and​ have the​ tendency to​ open the​ eyes or​ make unnecessary movements during the​ process. ​
What some practitioners do is​ to​ make use of​ external device or​ stimulus like music or​ visual support to​ get to​ that state of​ relaxation. ​
However,​ to​ train the​ mind means not relying on​ this external technique but directly working in​ the​ mind itself. ​

In order to​ train the​ restless mind,​ one must first acknowledge it​ as​ restless and​ that it​ will not easily come through. ​
Give the​ mind something to​ do,​ something internal and​ real,​ not external or​ a​ fantasy. ​
Focus on​ what is​ within the​ body and​ do not create something that isnt there. ​
Thats the​ beauty of​ Yoga meditation. ​
So,​ whether the​ goal is​ to​ combat stress,​ cure illness or​ to​ gain higher spiritual experience,​ Yoga meditation as​ well as​ other relaxation therapies can help you​ find healing by training your mind to​ reach into your inner being.

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