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Meditation 101: Pillow,​ Pillow which is​ ​ the​ Softest of ​ Them All

Customary pillows are usually utilized as​ head or neck support. Normally,​ the​ said pillows are used when sleeping or resting. These days however,​ pillows are also used to​ ​ support one’s buttocks and back while seating and meditating. the​ said pillows are termed as​ a​ ​ meditation pillow.

A pillow is​ ​ a​ ​ necessity while doing meditation since it ​ aids you​ to​ ​ maintain proper posture all throughout the​ session. in​ ​ general,​ there are two types of ​ pillow suitable for meditation use.

1. Donut Pillows – donut is​ ​ the​ shape of ​ this type of ​ pillow. the​ space in​ ​ the​ center provides relief while sitting on​ the​ tailbone area.
2. Lumbar Pillows – this is​ ​ used to​ ​ maintain and support the​ lower back.

Donut and Lumbar pillows fall under the​ category of ​ orthopedic pillows that serves its purposes for support and treatment.

Any other pillow may not be appropriate for you​ and the​ task you​ will be undertaking. There are considerations you​ need to​ ​ mull over when choosing a​ ​ meditation pillow. One important pillow factor to​ ​ consider is​ ​ the​ place of ​ meditation.

Where to​ ​ Meditate

The place of ​ meditation is​ ​ an important consideration when choosing a​ ​ pillow. you​ will have to​ ​ select the​ appropriate pillow that will be well suited with the​ place.

Many practitioners undergo their meditation process on​ hard surfaces. a​ ​ floor made of ​ concrete or wood are examples of ​ a​ ​ hard surface area. a​ ​ two-stage pillow is​ ​ apt for this kind of ​ flooring. a​ ​ firm foam is​ ​ the​ usual base of ​ the​ said pillow while the​ top is​ ​ filled in​ ​ with synthetic materials.

On the​ other hand,​ there are individuals who prefer to​ ​ meditate on​ grass or grass-like areas. a​ ​ gentle pillow that is​ ​ filled with smooth material is​ ​ well recommended for grass areas meditation. it ​ is​ ​ also best to​ ​ choose a​ ​ pillow with nylon as​ its base. Additionally,​ machine-wash compatible pillow is​ ​ recommended since such pillow is​ ​ prone to​ ​ dirt.

Other considerations that can be taken into account are:

What’s in​ ​ a​ ​ Pillow?

There is​ ​ wide-array of ​ pillow fillers. you​ must choose a​ ​ pillow with the​ appropriate filler to​ ​ use for meditation. Foam may be hard for you​ or perhaps feather-fillers may be too supple.

The most common pillow filling are feathers,​ foam,​ and synthetically made fillers.

Pillowcases cover the​ pillow fills. the​ choices of ​ pillowcases vary from one person to​ ​ the​ other. you​ need to​ ​ choose a​ ​ pillowcase that will not be infuriating. if ​ a​ ​ green pillowcase adds bothersome to​ ​ you,​ why choose green when you​ can opt for purple or any other color.

An inappropriate type of ​ pillow can cause uneasiness that will then lead to​ ​ distraction. Use a​ ​ pillow that can withstand your weight and most importantly can provide support to​ ​ your back. if ​ you​ are slumping on​ the​ pillow or you​ feel yourself moving into the​ floor,​ then those are signs that the​ pillow is​ ​ badly chosen. Instead of ​ meditation,​ you​ might end up accumulating more worries.

Several pillow manufacturers offer meditation pillow. All you​ need to​ ​ do is​ ​ assess its features for you​ to​ ​ decide which will best suit your need. the​ internet is​ ​ a​ ​ good venue for you​ to​ ​ scout meditation pillows.
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