Meditation For Prosperity And The Art Of Allowing Confessions Of A Formerly Reluctant Meditator

Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance? to​ be honest,​ that connection had never even occurred to​ me until fairly recently,​ or​ else I would have started to​ meditate much sooner.

For years,​ people told me I should meditate. I tried it​ a​ few times,​ but it​ just wasn’t my thing. it​ felt boring. And I failed to​ see the​ point.

I also may have had exaggerated expectations of​ what it​ would feel like to​ meditate. I guess I thought it​ would be much like hypnosis,​ of​ which I had exaggerated expectations as​ well. Any of​ my attempts at​ either of​ the​ two techniques just didn’t come close to​ what I had expected,​ which was a​ state of​ blissed-out oblivion. So I figured it​ didn’t work. Either that,​ or​ it​ just didn’t work for me.

Fast-forward quite a​ few years...

I was listening to​ an​ Abraham-Hicks CD when Abraham suddenly spoke of​ “allowing.” All the​ prosperity and abundance would be mine if​ only I could refrain from pushing it​ away.

I had first encountered the​ term “allowing” during an​ advanced Quantum Touch workshop and felt at​ a​ loss. Allow? How? What exactly was I supposed to​ do?

This had been very frustrating because it​ appeared to​ be a​ key part of​ the​ process. Since then,​ I had also come across it​ when reading about manifestation. And that left me even more frustrated. How am I supposed to​ manifest prosperity and abundance when I don’t know how to​ allow?

So when Abraham brought up allowing,​ I sat there poised to​ take notes. Maybe I would finally learn what it​ meant and how to​ do it.

And I did! Abraham explained that allowing was basically the​ absence of​ resistance,​ something that was actually not easy to​ accomplish! Aha! I thought. So it​ wasn’t just me.

What came next really got my attention,​ though:

The most effective way to​ “allow” was to​ meditate,​ Abraham said. Meditate,​ I thought? Not again!

But this was different. Meditation according to​ Abraham was basically being in​ a​ relaxed position and thinking of​ nothing (much). the​ best part:10 minutes would be enough. Now that I could do!

I practically ran to​ my bedroom,​ lay down,​ closed my eyes,​ and tried to​ think of​ nothing. Okay,​ so that didn’t work too well. But I could think of​ colors. Just one after the​ other,​ focusing on​ imagining myself surrounded by them. Before I knew it,​ the​ 10 minutes were up.

I did it​ again the​ next day and the​ next,​ and every day since. Well,​ nearly every day. And the​ most amazing things started happening almost immediately.

Only two days later,​ seemingly out of​ the​ blue,​ I came across an​ opportunity that ended up helping my cash-flow significantly. And only a​ day after that,​ I found a​ flier where someone was looking for help with a​ project of​ the​ very kind I wanted to​ get some experience with but didn’t think I’d ever get the​ opportunity because I had no experience. Yet I called,​ and the​ project was mine,​ and it​ worked out great.

Now I have to​ admit that things don’t flow quite as​ dramatically every day,​ but they do go a​ lot better on​ the​ days I meditate. And when I’ve slacked off for a​ little while,​ I can really tell the​ difference.

In fact,​ it’s been a​ few days – I can’t imagine how I could have gotten side-tracked like that (must have been the​ holidays),​ and it’s high time to​ get back to​ my daily practice. So if​ you’ll excuse me,​ please. I’ve got to​ go lie down right now and meditate.

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