Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushions
Most forms of​ meditation require the​ person to​ sit in​ a​ comfortable position. ​
You can do this by getting a​ mat or​ a​ chair. ​
But since this does not always make you​ feel at ​ ease,​ someone decided to​ make meditation cushions. ​

What is​ a​ meditation cushion? Basically these are aids in​ meditation that do not offer any back support because they help lengthen the​ spine and​ correct your alignment so you​ are able to​ breathe better,​ increase blood flow and​ flexibility. ​

There are three types of​ meditation cushions around. ​
These are namely the​ Zafus,​ the​ Zabutons and​ the​ seiza bench. ​
What makes each different from the​ other? Well,​ the​ Zafus is​ a​ smile cushion that can be placed on​ the​ floor or​ over a​ kneeling bench. ​
The Zabutons is​ a​ sitting mat which provides essential cushioning for the​ ankles,​ feet and​ legs. ​
While the​ seiza bench is​ best for people who have knee problems. ​

The first two meditation cushions are used quite often in​ Zen meditation. ​
But as​ meditation has become a​ popular form of​ alternative exercise,​ this has also been used in​ health clubs and​ fitness centers. ​

The three meditation cushions come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes and​ colors. ​
How much do they cost? Any of​ the​ three meditation cushions mentioned cost from $30 to​ $60. ​
You can easily acquire them by going to​ a​ specialty store or​ buying these goods online. ​

When you​ go around looking for meditation cushions,​ make sure it​ is​ real thing and​ you​ will know that simply by looking what is​ inside. ​
The meditation cushion is​ usually filled with one or​ two rare materials namely Kapok and​ Buckwheat Hull. ​
What makes these two so unique is​ that when Kapok is​ blown,​ it​ becomes firmer. ​
Buckwheat Hull on​ the​ other hand forms to​ the​ body when it​ is​ applied. ​

Apart from the​ three meditation cushions for the​ lower part of​ your body,​ there is​ also one for your eyes. ​
These are called eye pillows and​ used only when you​ are lying down while meditating. ​
This is​ made of​ flax seed and​ covered with silk which is​ placed over the​ acupressure points that surround the​ eyes. ​

This performs two things. ​
First,​ block out light and​ the​ other is​ to​ relieve tension. ​
This is​ often used with aromatherapy oils to​ enhance a​ deep feeling of​ relaxation. ​

If you​ travel often and​ find carrying the​ standard meditation cushion inconvenient to​ carry around,​ you​ can get an inflatable meditation cushion. ​
it​ is​ very to​ set up and​ hide so you​ can still get your daily dose of​ meditation 15 to​ 20 minutes a​ day. ​

Can you​ use your pillow as​ a​ makeshift meditation cushion? it​ can but only in​ the​ short term because the​ materials used here are made from cotton as​ this does not form to​ the​ body unlike Buckwheat Hull. ​
Chances are,​ you​ will have to​ make adjustments during your session so you​ will not be able to​ maximize it. ​

So,​ for those that want to​ meditate without any distractions,​ it​ is​ best to​ get a​ meditation cushion. ​
There are three to​ choose from; the​ Zafus,​ the​ Zabutons and​ the​ seiza benches. ​
You just have to​ find which one is​ right for you​ so you​ can reap the​ benefits of​ meditation like others have in​ the​ past. ​

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