Meditation Also Gave Me Something Else

Meditation Also Gave Me Something Else

Some of​ the​ greatest benefits for me have been my ability to​ tap into 'my well of​ inner peace' whenever I need to,​ my connection with,​ and to,​ spirit,​ achievement of​ greater clarity and balance at​ the​ end of​ each session,​ and overall wellbeing. Meditation also gave me something else.

The meditation journey for me involved profound inner change as​ I stepped into enlightenment. Once that door opened for me,​ well that was it! No turning back...ever - something which no-one ever told me.

Enlightenment,​ for me,​ is​ such a​ strange thing,​ and of​ course is​ many things to​ many people. When I stepped into this state of​ being,​ I waited for the​ whiz bang fireworks to​ begin,​ hear the​ blaring trumpets and the​ voice of​ God (which I imagined would be kind of​ booming and earth shattering!). I’m not sure what else I expected but what I experienced was a​ deep sense of​ stillness. the​ door opened,​ I stepped through the​ doorway,​ and how I perceived life changed forever. the​ clarity with which I saw things in​ that moment almost blinded me – yet it​ was so gentle.

This didn’t mean to​ say I ceased doing mundane things such as​ housework,​ cooking and cleaning. No - unfortunately that continued and continues to​ this day and will in​ the​ future also. Nope,​ for me enlightenment meant that I simply knew things and accepted; some possibly call this ‘Truth’.

I believe that Truth or​ Enlightenment is​ knowing absolutely everything about all things at​ the​ exact same time without pinpointing one solitary thing.

Truth is​ much like acknowledging anything really,​ in​ a​ passive way. Words are grossly inadequate in​ describing this sense of​ being. All I can say is​ it’s simply too HUGE to​ explain with words but it’s something I experience whenever I meditate,​ or​ zone out.

I’m not immune to​ daily issues however I’m not impacted to​ the​ same degree as​ before either. I can say that whilst chaos reigns around me I can easily tap into my well of​ inner peace. It’s helped me through the​ many trials and tribulations I call life and thank my lucky stars that I started practising meditation when I did.

Of course this practise is​ open to​ anyone who’s willing to​ put in​ the​ time and practise (it took me five months to​ really get going). Once you​ begin this journey you’ll notice how much more peaceful,​ centred and balanced you​ become.

I've often heard say "I'd love to​ meditate because of​ my anxiety and stress levels,​ however I have absolutely no time..."

If you​ have next to​ no time – many don’t and sometimes I don't – however you’d really love to​ begin meditating because you​ believe there are benefits for doing so,​ consider this. Three minutes is​ a​ passing conversation with a​ work colleague at​ the​ elevator door,​ three minutes flicking through a​ magazine at​ the​ newsagency or​ news stand,​ or​ three minutes admiring a​ merchandise display outside your favourite store window. you​ could do a​ three minute breath meditation,​ three minute journal writing,​ three minute focus on​ an​ object,​ or​ even take a​ three minute walk. See! in​ next to​ no time at​ all you​ could be meditating and accessing your own well of​ inner peace!

Meditation could bring about profound changes for you​ too,​ as​ well as​ achieve overall wellbeing,​ peacefulness,​ clarity and balance,​ and connection to​ spirit and yourself. There are six billion people on​ this planet so your experience will be different to​ mine.

If you’ve never tried it​ before why not try it​ sometime soon,​ you​ might just get to​ thoroughly enjoy the​ benefits it​ can bring.

Michaela Scherr Transformational Coach

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