Medieval Tapestries Add A Sense Of History To Home Decor

Medieval Tapestries Add a​ Sense of​ History To Home Decor
Tapestries of​ early times were often patterned on​ current events or​ heroes of​ the day .​
Wall tapestries with knights and​ castles often adorned the very castles they displayed .​
Tapestries were important in​ castles to​ reduce the draft and​ cold in​ the large stone buildings .​
They were hung on​ the inside of​ exterior walls in​ the rooms where people congregated .​
Tapestries with knights and​ castles were often created to​ preserve the history of​ the occupants of​ the castle and​ the weavings often remained in​ the castle for​ many centuries and​ generations .​
With each new generation​ adding their piece of​ work to​ the visual history on​ the walls.
Tapestries from the middle ages can sometimes be very helpful in​ providing social information​ of​ the time period .​
They depict the armor that was worn and​ the accessories such as​ banners and​ horse decoration​ used during battle .​
They also showed the original construction​ of​ buildings that may no longer exist but still hold historical relevance .​
Such things as​ food and​ drink and​ household customs were depicted with pride and​ preserved as​ an​ indication​ of​ the family’s position​ .​
They were often very busy tapestries in​ that they may depict many people and​ horses and​ activities all one the same piece of​ work.
Medieval tapestries also depict art forms of, hunting scenes, gallantry of​ nobles and​ knights, the unicorn, and​ dining and​ feasting of​ the nobles .​
Unicorn tapestries are one of​ the marvels of​ the world .​
Unicorn tapestries reflect Incarnation, the Passion, the Resurrection, and​ the five senses.
By the early Renaissance period or​ fifteenth century, artists were anxious to​ leave the Black Middle Ages behind and​ express their feelings of​ individual freedom in​ the bright colors of​ huge paintings and​ tapestries with heraldic, pastoral, romantic or​ exotic themes.
Online tapestry retailers have become a​ very good source for​ purchasing tapestries with medieval themes and​ tapestries of​ all subjects .​
Designer Wall Tapestries offers very detailed pictures of​ each tapestry and​ provide you​ with the dimensions and​ features such as​ rod pockets and​ types of​ fabric used.

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