Medicines In Mental Health

Medicines in​ Mental Health
You walk into a​ moderately business office sit down a​ chair in​ a​ welldressed lobby and wait for your name to​ be announced. Finally,​ it​ comes and you​ are assessed by an intake worker,​ finally sent to​ a​ therapist a​ week later,​ and then recommended to​ the​ staff psychiatrist. in​ this short time,​ you​ were diagnosed with Bipolar,​ Depression,​ which is​ an element of​ bipolar,​ and posttraumatic stress disorder.
You also have a​ history of​ Diabetes,​ HighBlood Pressure,​ and Allergies. Now the​ doctor is​ not aware of​ the​ inflammatory fiber nerve disease underlying the​ symptoms. you​ continue to​ visit the​ mental health experts complaining constantly of​ your symptoms,​ and they begin treating you​ like a​ Hypochondriasis. Someone occupied with health issues and most times are exaggerated…you begin feeling confused,​ disappointed with the​ therapist,​ and decide to​ go to​ see a​ physician that finds a​ fiber nerve disease,​ which proves that you​ complaints are valid.
However,​ you​ were already given prescriptions for psychotic and depressive symptoms. you​ begin taking the​ medications and suddenly your insurance policy stops payment on​ the​ ​Drug​ Effexor XR. Suddenly,​ you​ explode feeling aggressive,​ wanting to​ kill,​ wanting to​ die,​ wanting to​ harm and there is​ no explanation since these feelings has never occurred to​ this magnitude before you​ took the​ antidepressants prescribed. Now the​ problem has increased and you​ are searching desperately for an answer,​ yet you​ find nothing. What went wrong you​ might ask?
Well,​ Effexor XR is​ given to​ patients with depression and bipolar symptoms. Since Effexor is​ said to​ target the​ brain chemicals increasing the​ Norepinephrine and Serotonin in​ the​ brain,​ it​ is​ claimed to​ eliminate symptoms of​ depression and bipolar. Now Effexor XR is​ notorious once the​ medication is​ stopped abruptly for increasing behaviors including,​ suicidal thinking,​ impulsive behaviors,​ violent outburst and so forth.
The Prescription has caused increase in​ Blood making it​ a​ bad deal for patients with HighBlood Pressure. Now you​ went to​ the​ therapist to​ fix a​ problem and your problems has increased dramatically at​ it​ is​ all because of​ health care,​ mental health,​ medical,​ and so on. you​ start feeling that it​ cannot get any worse,​ but the​ doctors continue increasing your medicines prescribing Tenormin Atenolol for your pain and after prescribing numerous doses of​ inflammatory prescriptions,​ which lead to​ stomach disorders,​ you​ are now taking meds to​ control your stomach. Moreover,​ it​ does not stop here. Next,​ you​ are given Impramine HCL for pain,​ Tramadol for pain,​ and rotated between antidepressants finally prescribed Effexor XR again.
If you​ are feeling alone you​ are not,​ since many times doctors,​ mental experts,​ and health care providers make this mistake excessively many times to​ count. it​ is​ ludicrous to​ go to​ mental health experts all to​ find severe complications exploding your life and you​ are the​ one to​ blame,​ when in​ reality these experts made a​ serious mistake. Since the​ mental health expert obviously had no choice but to​ eliminate Hypochondriasis,​ and claim that they were only searching for answers to​ the​ problem making excuses you​ finally say I ​ am searching for another mental health expert,​ since you​ have no idea what you​ are doing.
You go to​ the​ next office; sit,​ wait,​ and when you​ are called you​ talk to​ an intake worker,​ then a​ therapist,​ and finally a​ psychiatrist. you​ go through the​ same procedures wondering if​ these experts are smarter than the​ other experts you​ just left,​ and soon find yourself on​ Effexor XR,​ Impramine HCL,​ Tramadol,​ and a​ variety of​ other medications.
I told you​ people what happen before you​ tell the​ experts,​ yet they ignore your cries and tell you​ to​ take your medications as​ prescribed. Are we fixing problems or​ are we adding to​ the​ many problems we face every day. Some mental diagnoses were later proven a​ medical problem or​ central nervous interruption that created a​ series of​ symptoms delusional to​ mental health experts,​ believing that the​ patient was mentally ill.
Caught in​ a​ web of​ testing and despair we often fight to​ find a​ reason that our minds are tricking us into acting out of​ accordance to​ the​ socalled normal. the​ solution is​ right in​ front of​ them in​ most cases,​ yet everyone is​ turning their heads and looking for another answer.

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