Marry Your Marketing Plan

Marry Your Marketing Plan
Make a​ vow to​ keep up your marketing schedule in​ good times and not so good times.
I have said it​ time and time again that marketing,​ no matter what type you​ choose,​ is​ a​ building process .​
Here is​ the​ whole thing summed up in​ one situation:
Assume for a​ moment that you​ had never heard of​ this thing called Cola .​
You go to​ your mailbox and get your mail only to​ find a​ postcard that says New Fizzy Drink! You'll Love It! a​ Taste Like Nothing you​
Have Had Before! you​ might run right out and try it,​ but more than likely,​ not .​
Most people won't.
So you​ get a​ second postcard .​
Still you​ do nothing.
Then you​ are talking to​ you’re a​ friend from across town who says Hey,​ have you​ tried this Cola thing? It turns out that after he got his second postcard he went out and got a​ bottle to​ give it​ a​ try.
Now the​ Third postcard shows up and you're thinking OK,​ fine,​ I'll give it​ a​ try .​
And you​ do,​ and you​ do love it,​ and it​ is​ like nothing else .​
So now you​ have to​ tell your brother about it.
You see where this is​ going .​
If the​ makers of​ Cola,​ whoever they are,​ had sent cards to​ the​ whole town one time and then abandoned the​ marketing due to​ a​ lack of​ response they would have missed out.
So,​ now that you​ can no longer argue with the​ fact that you​ need to​ keep up a​ steady stream of​ marketing to​ the​ same people multiple times you​ are obviously thinking How do I​ keep up with the​ whole thing while I​ am closing the​ customers that I​ am already getting? the​ honest answer is​ get a​ direct mail company to​ help you.
Whatever size your mailing list is​ I​ suggest that you​ have enough pieces printed to​ mail to​ them at​ least three times .​
Usually once every 2-4 weeks is​ sufficient depending on​ your industry .​
You can set the​ dates for your mailings to​ go out and let the​ marketing company take care of​ the​ rest .​
That means that with one phone call you​ can take care of​ all of​ your marketing for 3 months or​ more .​
No worrying about remembering,​ no hassle-filled trips to​ the​ post office .​
All you​ will have to​ do is​ run your business the​ way that you​ know how and let them take care of​ your marketing.
Stop worrying about the​ steady flow of​ business that you​ need to​ survive .​
Do something about it .​
Create a​ marketing plan,​ date it​ for a​ while,​ then if​ it​ really works out,​ say I​ do.
If you​ need more information on​ testing out your new marketing beau,​ read my article Don’t Assume,​ Just Test and Track.
Best wishes and a​ prosperous life together!

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