Marketing Your Online Content

As a​ webmaster,​ we need to​ actively promote our site. There are lots of​ ways to​ do that,​ both ethical and unethical. We don't have to​ resolve to​ unethical ways of​ marketing our site such as​ spamming,​ reciprocal link farms,​ page generation software and the​ like. the​ search engine algorithm will eventually catch up with that. That still leaves us with plenty of​ ways to​ market our site and content. However,​ the​ most important thing to​ have is​ to​ create quality content on​ your website.

What is​ quality content? Quality content is​ information that your viewers can benefit from. Once you​ create content,​ you​ want everyone to​ know that your content does exists. you​ need to​ distribute it​ the​ right way. Telling some strangers on​ the​ street corner about "The New Guide of​ Stock Picking" will help,​ but not effective. Time is​ precious. you​ do not want to​ reach the​ most viewers. you​ would want to​ reach the​ most interested viewers on​ your field. the​ reason is​ simple. you​ work less to​ get the​ attention of​ the​ most interested viewers.

Therefore,​ submitting your online content to​ ezines and article directories are absolutely critical. you​ will get the​ maximum number of​ interested viewers there. the​ deal is​ simple. You,​ as​ authors,​ are to​ submit your articles to​ these directories. in​ exchange,​ you​ can promote your website at​ the​ resource box provided. Viewers looking for a​ specific topic will browse through certain categories. if​ they see your writing and like it,​ they will become your customers. And what is​ the​ cost of​ this? For most places,​ article submission is​ free. Where else can you​ promote your business reaching thousands or​ more people free of​ charge?

Some of​ these article directories are general and some are niche. General article directories let writers publish everything from weight loss help to​ building your own business. These are good but you​ can certainly do better. the​ reason is​ while these kind of​ sites garner a​ lot of​ visitors,​ you​ will find less visitors interested in​ your field. Niche directories,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ focus on​ specific field and attract less visitors. However,​ these visitors are very interested in​ your field. if​ an​ article directory has a​ niche in​ finance,​ why would a​ person seeking information about weight loss visit the​ site? Therefore,​ only visitors interested in​ finance will visit this niche directory.

As always,​ the​ decision is​ up to​ you,​ as​ a​ webmaster. My suggestion is​ to​ first submit your content to​ niche directory and then when you​ have time,​ you​ can still submit your article to​ other general directories.

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