Marketing Your Brand Is About More Than Just Good Looks

Marketing Your Brand Is About More Than Just Good Looks

Marketing: Your Brand is​ About More Than Just Good Looks
First let’s clear up a​ common misconception of​ what a​ Brand really is​ .​
a​ brand is​ more than just your company’s name or​ logo .​
It’s more than just a​ particular type of​ product you​ offer such as​ Q-tips brand of​ cotton swabs .​
It’s more than just the​ look of​ the​ packaging of​ your product .​
in​ a​ nutshell your Brand is​ the​ culmination of​ everything your prospect’s 5 senses can pick up on​ about you​ .​

It’s the​ image you​ present at​ all times .​
From the​ company’s logo and color scheme all the​ way to​ the​ manner in​ which your employees dress .​

It’s what your prospect hears from and about you​ .​
From what they hear about you​ in​ the​ media to​ how your customer service team handles incoming complaints.
It’s the​ feeling your prospect gets in​ all their dealings with you​ .​
From their satisfied or​ unsatisfied interaction with you​ to​ the​ relationship building activities you​ carry out.
It’s the​ pleasant or​ unpleasant scents that get associated with you​ covering everywhere from the​ scent of​ your product or​ facility,​ to​ even your employees.
And lastly it’s also the​ tastes that get associated with you​ .​
From the​ taste of​ your product (if it’s a​ product meant to​ be tasted) to​ the​ quality of​ coffee or​ tea you​ serve.
As you​ are probably beginning to​ see the​ picture I​ am painting for you,​ your brand encompasses everything about you​ .​
Hence you​ can see why it’s important to​ always put your best foot forward.
Let’s take this one step further .​
Even more important than being perfect in​ your eyes,​ is​ being consistent in​ the​ prospect’s eyes.
Consistency is​ the​ key to​ branding .​
It is​ terrible branding practice and just plain unacceptable to​ offer great service one day,​ and bad service the​ next .​
you​ are better off being consistently mediocre .​
Then at​ least the​ customer knows what to​ expect and is​ generally more satisfied .​
Another example of​ bad branding is​ having a​ different look and feel for your website as​ compared to​ your other marketing collateral (e.g .​
business cards,​ brochures,​ etc.) .​
Ultimately,​ your prospect should be able to​ recognize you​ at​ a​ quick glance – just by colors,​ design style,​ logo,​ etc.
For instance,​ let’s take the​ fast food retailer McDonalds .​
They have done a​ spectacular job at​ branding .​
Their food tastes consistently the​ same no matter which location you​ eat at​ – essentially around the​ world .​
What you​ see,​ hear,​ feel,​ smell,​ and taste are pretty much consistent and acceptable across the​ board.
Bottom line,​ branding is​ essential to​ establishing your identity in​ the​ marketplace and consistency is​ the​ key to​ effective doing that .​
Prospects want consistency! Consistency breeds comfort and comfort is​ an​ aspect of​ relationship building - a​ key marketing strategy.
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